Reviews For Zero Sum

2009.08.07 - 03:45AM
1: Chapter 1

Another winner. At the beggining of the series I was hoping for the paradox to be reversed, but now that it has been I miss Girly Doctor and master Master :(

2007.12.29 - 08:09AM
1: Chapter 1

I needed to write something - but I am unsure what to say. The depth of this story - these three stories - is simply amazing. Layer upon layer peeled off of a man who has suffered more from his own bad conscience than most anything else; this is a fascinating tale of loss, hope and utter defeat combined with atypical Doctor behaviour. Awesome psychological drama!

I stand in ovation - please, oh please, write more like this!!!

2007.11.09 - 11:26PM
1: Chapter 1

Okay, the exchange between the Master and his daughter where it's revealed she's his lieutenant and she asks him for a new cruiser? And she puts down rebellions? So funny.

Andand... referring to Daleks as a pest problem? Disgusting mutant blobs in personal tanks? And Jack as a human pincushion? I couldn't be laughing more hysterically.

And the way that the implant at the back of his neck is a "comforting bump?" Ah, so creepy.

And this:
Several galaxies away, Allia was having a problem crushing her rebellion. It wasn't there.

That is just a jewel of a line, right there.

AND JACK!!! OMG so much love for hero!Jack. :D

And when he sets the TARDIS to 9:02 and is babbling in his subby brainwashed-speak... man, I was so embarrassed for him. SO TERRIBLY EMBARRASSED. But also amused.

Ahh. The last part is almost too embarrassing to read. I feel so bad for the brainwashed!Doctor. Although the Master-in-the-past's astonished reaction is pretty amusing.

And the ending made so much sense. Especially the little human interactions:
The Doctor sighed, not wanting them to know that he privately loved their affectionate bullying. It made them feel like family. If they figured that out, they might stop.

That's so true to what he's like. Wanting to fill his TARDIS up with companions and noise.

I'm glad there was a respectably happy ending. The last fic was full of dark humour but did sort of end on a twisted down note. This one was much more like... Jack and the girls rescue the Doctor from being the queer version of the female protagonist in a GOR novel. Heh.

2007.10.12 - 07:56AM
1: Chapter 1

I like that you did a sequel to Win/Win. It was really good, but left me a bit jarred because of the Doctor giving in completely. This really rounded it out, nicely written too :)