Reviews For Cataclysm

2008.10.05 - 04:14PM
3: Our Dreams will Light the Sky

wowee. I read because you told me to, and I see now. I think I missed a fic somewhere, because I didn't get anything after Rose being sucked into space with the Dark One. But oh well. And I gree with Mel and Jo and Nai, tis vair dark but vair good. Well done Nicko *pats you on back*

2007.10.21 - 03:57PM
3: Our Dreams will Light the Sky


This looks bad. More than bad. Very bad. Very very very very bad. Very times infinity bad.

Update soon! [Loved It!]

Author's Response: I think it goes off the \'bad\' scale there... :D More coming soon!

2007.10.21 - 05:01AM
3: Our Dreams will Light the Sky

It doesn't look good. Not at all! The Dark One still is taunting... and still been a show off; in a way. But there is more action! XD And blood, and deaths... and the true war begins! And I saw the sentance from the song about war. ^^ We song that in school before... but I can't find the song so I can't listen to it at home! >.< I can't wait for more! The fun/war has only just begun!

[Love It]

Author's Response: No. Not good at all. But it gets way worse... The Dark One has always been a show-off... LOL. And you\'ve sung it? Damn! I\'ve only played accompanying drums and listened to it... and the fun gets greater... two chapters from this one! The next chapter isn\'t action-packed... just very emotional. But it should still be fun!

2007.10.20 - 02:50PM
3: Our Dreams will Light the Sky

Jimbob will feel the guilt for years to come... That's if he manages to live for that long. B ecause quite frankly, things don't look good. And the reunioun wasn't exactly sunshine and happiness...

Rose, Rose, Rose... One of her greastest gifts and greatest weakness'. She forgives or warms to people really easily. She just trusts the Doctor again, after he said all that without a word of explaination. I hope that there will be enough of a lull in the action for them to get reaquainted properly :)

Author's Response: Yeah, it does look a little unsteady for their survival, doesn\'t it? I tend to go for realistic... LOL! And the story is very action-packed... but not so action-packed as to make me forget about their feelings towards each other. There\'s a big row in the next few chapters... anyway, thanks for the review!