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2007.09.15 - 04:39PM
2: Everything's Broken

Heh, I know how you feel about reviews Deathman. Whenever I get a long one, like from you, it makes me go like this...



Author's Response: I know! SQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE! And it makes me glad to think I\'ve made someone squee, as well as being made to myself!

2007.09.15 - 03:51PM
2: Everything's Broken

‘Doctor.’ Rose wished she hadn’t said it, for every head in the hall turned to her simultaneously. She forced herself to continue. ‘I’m here now.’

‘I know,’ the Doctor said coldly. ‘And I wish you weren’t.’

*Slow clap* Well done Doctor. Well done. I suppose I can see why he thought that, but really, he didn't need to say it out loud. I mean, it's practically the first thing he said to her!

Pretty epic ending to this chapter. I loved it! It's beyond words...

Author's Response: *joins in the slow clapping* You idiot, Doctor. I think it IS the first thing he said to her! Wow! Now that\'s some loving relationship... He didn\'t need to say it out loud, but he did, \'cause he\'s being an angsty, furious, mucked-up bastard at the moment and his sole intent now is to hurt everyone and anyone he can, because there\'s nothing else to do. And epic? Oh, you\'ve seen NOTHING! But I\'m very glad you thought it was, and loved it as well.

2007.09.15 - 02:15PM
2: Everything's Broken

‘I know,’ the Doctor said coldly. ‘And I wish you weren’t.’
I felt the whole blow of that, just as Rose had! Evil, nasty, dark Doctor! *hits him on the head repetadly* Bad Doctor! Bad Doctor! *Hits him with a magic mallet that had apperared from no-where* Mallets! We haven't talked about mallets in a while... well unless you need to punish yourself for anything? Which you dont! This chapter was perfect! Blood, torture, angust, blood, and another collection of bad words! XD I really want you to continue this soon! Same with Dragonstone and Replaced! Each of them, have there own little reflection of the Dark One! With him in, or coming back! And RANG... I'm giving him more Love It Buttons then I would ever think about! XP [Love It]x100 I just love all your stories soooooooo much!

When the Dark One is making Karlon hit himself brutally, I imagine the Dark One going, 'why you hurting yourself? Why you hurting yourself?' :D It could be possible in another world where the Dark One is maybe a bit more of a lol person...

Author's Response: I know! I had a tear in my eye when I wrote that line! I tried several ways of making it more shocking, like the Doctor giving a long-winded explanation of why he wishes Rose hadn\'t come back... but in the end, the sheer bluntness of the original line won! MALLETS! Yay! I actually have a mallet right here on my desk... REALLY. I\'m not joking. Well, half a mallet... part of it broke off... Perfect, you say?! THANK YOU SO MUCHANNNICAADAPELCRISTAPARKARANK! Sorry, I have a habit of putting bits of meaningless twaddle onto the end of sentences... On the \'Dragonstone\' front, there will definitely be a new chapter within a few days. But \'Replaced\', I\'m not so sure about... I am a little bit stuck with Chapter Thirteen... but I\'m sure that too will be updated fairly soon... just not AS soon. I\'m afraid I will have to skip the next section of this review, as the response will probably be about a billion thank yous. And on the last point, I have one thing to say... ROFLSMTIHLCMHOOTHSF! Which means \'Rolling on floor laughing so much that I have literally cracked my head open on the hard stone floor\'!

Author's Response: AIH. And it hurts! :D

2007.09.15 - 01:07PM
2: Everything's Broken

I cannot say how much I LOVE this fic. Seriously. It's got it all; romance (I THINK it's buried amongst there somewhere!), angst (Help! I is drowning in it!), and over-used of caps locks (Don't worry, I'm guilty of that too!). Your writing style is… well, in the words of ze Ninth Doctor; FANTASTIC! Much better than mine!

The Doctor's so grief-stricken and enraged at himself he's almost gone insane! It's slightly scary!

WHAT HAVE I DONE?!’ the Doctor screamed.

‘Oh, I don’t know?’ shrieked Ligmant, in a surprisingly high voice for a demon. ‘You’ve only gone and bloody well SHATTERED TIME?!’

Am I the only one who finds that hilarious? Or am I just very, very weird?

You’ll be pleased to know that my plot bunnies have returned for ‘Child of Time’. But they’re not for the next chapter; they’re for the one AFTER that. I think. Oh well, it’s better than none at all! ;D

[Love It!] x6 (‘cause I can’t be asked to put it six times. ;D) Oh yeah, and sorry about TOS' rather weird review about our VERY weird IM conversation. I must've been hyped up on caffeine or something. (Note to self: Drink decaf from now on.)

Author's Response: Well, however much you LOVE this fic, I LUUURRRRVVEEE this review more! After all it\'s nice when someone just says, \'Great, loved it, more please!\' but it\'s almost unbearably squee! generating when somone gives a full-blown, constructive, effusive-praise sort of review! So yay! I know, the Doctor is slightly scary when he\'s this dark! I don\'t think I\'ve ever portrayed him so nastily... and that line was meant to be sort of funny... darkly funny. And \'Am I the only one who finds that hilarious? Or am I just very, very weird?\' You\'re both!!! In a good way... anyone remotely interesting is weird, I find. Yay, plot bunnies have come back! I think the Darko Pops did it! And forget about the review... it made me laugh so don\'t regret it :P Six Love It buttons! Oh dear, I think I have died this time.