Reviews For Human-Shaped

2016.12.15 - 12:01AM
1: Chapter 1

This is beautiful; it sums up Martha so very well in all her loving selflessness, and it also makes me viscerally feel how close Ten was to the edge, all the time. The Frost quote was a nice touch too.

2009.03.25 - 12:27AM
1: Chapter 1

One of my absolute favourites. Must have read it about three times now because every time I stumble upon it while searching for new fics I end up re-reading it! Love the run-on, Doctor ramble sentences in the beginning, while he's trying not to think too much about anything; then how everything slows down a little until the end everything's gone low-key and a bit sad. A bittersweet little fic, and I love it to bits! Definitely a fave, and I'll probably read it a few more times to come! Thanks so much for the wonderful melancholy, perfect for a slow evening.

2009.01.19 - 09:17PM
1: Chapter 1

This is gorgeous and brilliant and SO incredibly sad it's crazy. ::adding to favs::

2008.09.15 - 01:32PM
1: Chapter 1

A wonderful character study! The Doctor was so real, his voice so perfect. Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow.

2008.05.22 - 03:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Absolutely perfect and heart wrenching. Your talent astounds me, I loved every word.

She wanted human things but he was only human shaped... pure poetry.

2008.04.08 - 03:43PM
1: Chapter 1

That was painful and gorgeous and just right.

2007.11.10 - 01:45AM
1: Chapter 1

The paragraph that begins like this:
Rose wouldn't have made him talk about Gallifrey. Rose would have let that sleeping Cerberus lie.

Is so beautiful in its stream-of-consciousness dissection of his relationships with the past few female companions he's had, I had to stop and reread it a few times.

I like that in this fic he isn't completely against moving beyond Rose (although I liked Rose a lot and am guilty of reading way too many 10Rose fics instead of studying). Because in the series, he always moves on in the end. (Or even during! Ahahaha with the blonde reality tv show girl and Reinette for instance-)

*coughs* Anyway.

It makes sense in a way that he's thinking about the whole mortgage comment and Rose and comparing it to this hypothetical situation. Worrying that he can't be what his Companions want, that Martha will leave him if she stops seeing him as "human-shaped."

And it's true that in Season Three he has quite a suicidal streak. In the Daleks Take Manhattan episode he was certainly asking for it. It would make sense that a medical student like Martha would put two and two together and diagnose him with PTSD. Martha rocks. She truly does. I think you did her justice here.

2007.08.29 - 08:27AM
1: Chapter 1


2007.08.29 - 07:41AM
1: Chapter 1

God, that was good. Your Ten pov was just *perfect*, not a false step anywhere in sight, and that's such a rare thing that I would've treasured the story just for that, but then you gave us such a wonderful Martha, competent and loving and strong... and *then*, when I didn't think I could possibly love this story any more than I already did, she even gets the 'I see you, I just can't' that canon never gives her. *happy sigh* Thank you so much for a great read!

2007.08.29 - 05:00AM
1: Chapter 1

This is too wonderful for words.
I still have tears in my eyes.

I wonder, how would she react if he did tell her?

You write absolutely beautifully, by the way. :)

Marvellous fic.

~ Erya.

2007.08.29 - 03:38AM
1: Chapter 1

Very good piece of writing. I enjoyed this one very much. Good Martha characterisation.

2007.08.29 - 03:33AM
1: Chapter 1

This is stunning. I am so glad to see Frost quoted. He is not used enough, and he is a bit doctorish in his poetic voice. So sad for the lonely Doctor, but very moving. Great job on the babbling train of thought for Ten! And good job with a not-pathetic Martha. Thank you for posting this lovely, thoughtful story.