2007.12.06 - 09:53PM
13: Where we belong to

That's Rose all right. And what a lovely trail she leaves. Thank you for finishing this story despite people being too mean to review! *bows*

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Well I do this mostly for fun the reviews are an added bonus ;), but of course I\'m always thrilled to get feedback, so thanks again :)

2007.12.06 - 09:48PM
11: Comparing Jack and the Doctor

That was the best Rose Agreement to come back I've ever heard. ^_^

Author's Response: Glad you liked it ^_^ .... I always thought she\'d be quite enthusiastic if the opportunity to get home ever arose

2007.09.07 - 03:27AM
19: Guess who's coming

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, I'll be walking on air all day!

Author's Response: Manny many Thanks for the review. There\'s nothing as good as getting a review before breakfast. Since they finally are back together the playground is now ready for a lot of fluff, adventure, humour and other stories.

2007.09.05 - 04:20AM
1: Taking responsibility

Loving this.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. I hope you keep on reading. Thx for the review, nothing says \"you\'re not alone with your little ideas\" than a nice life sign ;)

2007.08.27 - 07:23AM
6: A guy walks into a bar

*I won't mention my little fetish on people without proper names, I won't mention my little fetish on people without proper names*


That is so Jack! And this is interesting. I enjoyed the thought of Jack's impression of Caritas' clientele. Jack's on a wild goose chase and the BtVS angle is cool. It feels very fast paced. [Though, Dawn/Connor? Ewww.]
Urm...your quotation marks are kinda screwy. And can I recommend spacing your paragraphs? Just technical stuff to make stuff spiffy.

Nice job. [Props for the Bad Wold mention!]

Author's Response: Dawn/Connor: Since I don\'t like neither of them much I think they just deserve each other ;) I always thought that the key thing wasn\'t really finished, so in my lil\' verse Dawn\'s power somehow interact with Connor\'s and there they are stuck with each other Hah! I\'m still working on the layout part, since I typed and posted the first few chapters in the middle of the night, there\'s a lot screwed up. I think the quotation marks are a problem of my german oopen office version, but I\'ll try to work on it. Thx For the review and the tips

2007.08.27 - 06:44AM
1: Taking responsibility

Ouch poor jack 9 yrs since he's seen the Doc. You know the doctor really needs to get a mobile.

Author's Response: Or give out the number of the Tardis... Anyway Jack is stubborn and he has made a decision. He will only go back to/contact the Doctor, when he has what they both need. Don\'t worry when that irresponsible alien finally appears again he will get a piece of my mind for his behaviour