Reviews For A Time To Remember

2009.12.04 - 02:59PM
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That's just lovely and a perfect fixit - I hope he went and dealt with Zoe, too.

2007.09.12 - 01:00PM
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Lovely! This is well written, and I'm pleased at the notion that he'd revisit Jamie some day (because we know the Doctor won't forget him.) Great stuff!

2006.11.21 - 07:23PM
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It was great to read Seven helping Jamie to restore the memories that were stolen from him. I always thought it was too bad he didn't get to remember his time with the Doctor.

2006.10.01 - 05:38AM
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Ahhh! I always thought it so sad that Jamie and Zoe were robbed of their memories at the end of The War Games - thanks for putting that right!

2005.05.27 - 09:56AM
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Very nice. How appropriate that this particular Doctor should turn up in Scotland!

2004.06.08 - 09:58PM
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*is grumpy that the seventh Doctor never comes and reminds me of anything* What a great concept...Very nice indeed!