Reviews For Devil Inside

2008.01.29 - 12:49AM
1: Devil Inside

This story proves the point that ordinary people are every bit as scary as bug-eyed aliens with lasers, maybe more. The writing is elegant.

they were fire and ice every star in the universe dying at once.

Oi. Like the Master and Lucy themselves, disturbing but so, so pretty.

2007.08.12 - 01:18PM
1: Devil Inside

So totally sexy and wrong. I can't condone this story. Also can't stop reading it.

2007.08.12 - 11:52AM
1: Devil Inside

"His face was so solemn, so serious, as he took her other hand and started to draw off her gloves, his voice soft. Im darkness. Im rage embodied. Im absolute madness."

YOW! *Fans self.* Great story.