Reviews For Torchwood Five

2008.08.21 - 11:54AM
1: Facts and Fictions

Very good. Liked the ending particularly, where everyone was happy (Well, almost anyway).

Good work.

2007.08.17 - 05:20AM
5: A Different Sort of Victory

I haven't read many of your fics before, but this one I like very much! And James Bond as a Time Lord... the mind boggles. I think I'll have to read more about your 11th Doctor, she seems intriguing. :~)

2007.08.15 - 02:37PM
5: A Different Sort of Victory

And a lovely story this is. Intrigued to see what you do with Eleven and Bond, (or is that 11 and 007? 7/11? O.o") and exactly what that ending meant. [Loved]

2007.08.15 - 08:42AM
1: Facts and Fictions


This is absolutely brilliant!

I've followed your fics and enjoyed them very much (I adore your Eleventh Doctor, especially the one where she settles down to get her bearings) and was delighted when I saw this one up.

You plot's great (all those threads neatly weaving together), and you did a wonderful job with explaining and incorporating TLotT.

I'm not a fan of James Bond movies but I adored him here.

Your Master was lovely and I really loved Koschei as well.

And last line - simply brilliant!

I want to read about James and the Eleventh Doctor's adventures!
I may even start shipping Bond/Eleven now. :)

More soon, please?


2007.08.14 - 06:13PM
4: The M Bit

Fun! Er, the "playing into the hands" bit is a bit unsettling, though. Not sure I want. I love your work. I was happy when I saw the e-mail telling me of the update. Yay!

2007.08.13 - 03:39PM
3: Getaway

I'm sad that no one reviews for you. I know the happy those can bring. (Happy happy, even.) So here goes: SQUEE. More Sonic Screwdriver alcohol jokes! Haha... And you know, I'm getting used to this "she" in reference to the Master. You're great. Here's to the next chapter coming soon (they appear to - You're a star)!

Author's Response: Thanks for all the reviews. You\'re right, I do enjoy them. I usually pre-write the stories before publishing, so then I can control how long I string you along for :-)

2007.08.12 - 08:53AM
2: Playing the Pawn

That is a very, very interesting use for Grace... O.O"

Great story, and you've got the cliffhangers to a 't'. I sincerely hope you're one of those people who writes quickly, doesn't use/need a beta (to cut down on post time), and gets the chapters up fast, 'cos this is GREAT. Another case of the ever-needed [Loved it] button.

2007.08.12 - 08:47AM
1: Facts and Fictions

How does this not have reviews! GAH. Never read James Bond fic... but if it was all this good I'm sure I would. Lovely, lively, and (SQUEE) "allons-y" in France! (Can you tell I'm a French student? Haha...)

Looking forward to this, 'cos so far it's great. Reading then reviewing your next chapter now. Looks to be a fun ride.

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'m glad someone\'s enjoying it. I used to study French, too.