Reviews For Student Relations

2009.12.05 - 09:17AM
1: Chapter One

Enjoyed this very sexy fic. MMM nine as a teacher would easily be a fantasy I could have. Is there any more though, love to read it if there is.

2008.09.14 - 11:04AM
3: Chapter Three

Do you ever plan on finishing this? I was going through my favorites, and this CAN'T be taken off. I want More!

2007.10.12 - 12:19PM
1: Chapter One

Aah...gonna leave them in the middle of things, eh? this is hot, hot, hot...and I'm adding you to my fave authors...did I say this is hot?

More please soon....oh...and what about "Addiction"?

Author's Response: I have some written down in my notebook. I am hoping to transcribe it soon.

2007.09.13 - 08:42PM
3: Chapter Three

oooooohhhhh no. We all know how the Doctor handles admissions of feelings and affection!

Author's Response: Yes, he ignores them at first then slowly starts beating himself up over it... or does he??

2007.09.12 - 05:14PM
3: Chapter Three

Another brilliant chapter! I love it! And..."Lovestaff" for the win.

Author's Response: tehehe Lovestaff!!

2007.09.11 - 10:51PM
1: Chapter One

Jack is SOOOOOO naughty...oh if only.....

Author's Response: Trust me... He doesn\'t get off easily. Oh dear... that sounded a bit naughty itself hehe

2007.09.11 - 07:01PM
3: Chapter Three

"Slip of the tongue" LOL yes, been plenty of that during this story but this time verbally from Rose wonder if the Doctor heard - sure with those lovely ears he did.

Author's Response: teehehe. You know what they say about those Freudian Slips...

2007.09.11 - 03:43PM
3: Chapter Three

I'm still giggling from 'Professor Lovestaff' in the first chapter... like this loads, can't wait for more.

Author's Response: It comes from seeing the word \"love\" on a poster next to a sign that says \"Staff Only\". ;)

2007.09.11 - 03:37PM
3: Chapter Three

So it wasn't the Breeder who was killing people it's something else entirely.I wonder what?
Rose has just experienced the slip of the tongue,will the Doctor ever confess just what Rose means to him?
I think he's just one of those people that can't show or say what he's feeling.

Author's Response: You will have to keep reading to find out :) And, in his own way, the Doctor has already let her know... It\'s Rose that\'s being a bit difficult.

2007.09.06 - 10:31PM
2: Chapter Two

Smut! (With a hint of plot) Great stuff, I'm really enjoying it!

Author's Response: Thank you muchly :D

2007.09.06 - 04:59PM
2: Chapter Two

Plot? just keep telling...oh okay...there's plot...ooooooh plot and update and more smutty goodness! *squeeeeeeee*

Author's Response: It\'s there. I promise ;)

2007.09.05 - 10:27PM
2: Chapter Two

Plot?! Plot and smut?! Oh my god!!! Plot, smut and Nine/Rose?! SQUEEEEE!!!

Author's Response: I do believe in smut faeries... I do... I do.

2007.09.05 - 05:26PM
2: Chapter Two

Yay! another chapter.
The Wacther has Rose,the Doctor's not going to be pleased.

Author's Response: Not pleased at all is the Doctor...

2007.09.05 - 05:05PM
2: Chapter Two

Yaeh another chapter! I was hoping that there would be more ;) Wonderfully and hot as always and I love the plot so far! Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: It should be done soon. :)

2007.09.05 - 04:42PM
1: Chapter One

'The Doctor tried to remember the woman's name, an increasingly hard task as Rose was currently wrapping her fingers around his -- "Professor Lovestaff!" he greeted a little too enthusiastically. "Fantastic seeing you again!"'



*ahem* Yeah...anyway... ^_^

Author's Response: teehehe That was my favourite part... coming up with the woman\'s name... the S.O. suggested something somewhat naughty so I went for it.