2010.08.14 - 01:33AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Yes, I am back again re-reading this wonderful series!!!! I don't suppose you are in a writing mood? Maybe if you re-read Ilyria too? Or rewatch Season One? :)

Author's Response: Awww, thanks for reading and reviewing again! You\'re such a sweetie. I\'m truly flattered that this series holds up to rereading. :) I happen to be already rewatching S1 right now over at dwrewatch on LJ. SO GOOD. *g*

2010.02.02 - 10:43PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense


2008.12.07 - 02:34AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Hi. You are amazing. I am reading as much of everything you've written before my eyes close of their own volition. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And remember, the fanfic will still be there in the morning. :)

2008.09.13 - 03:53PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Lovely story and great AU.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing.

2008.01.09 - 08:01AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

I've read this first story in one go, it was that interesting.
I keep thinking that there can't be another Doctor in other universes because Time Lords were above time and above different realities and could travel through them. There were unique, each one of them.
This said, this doesn't prevent me from reading stories with Doctors from parallel universes because it's always fascinating to see how different they can be.

You did a wonderful job with Nine here.
Very good idea to choose Nine because his relationship with Rose was less easy going than with Ten.
It's obvious you did a lot of thinking on how Nine would have been if he hadn't met Rose after the Time War. Forty years without her, it's a long, long time and it obviously left scars.
And kudos for writing from Rose's POW, you didn't chose the easy way.

This has to be the most perfect and well writen description of Nine I've ever read:
This incarnation was always that way, like a little babbling brook of humor, manic energy, and jaunty heroism over the hard, jagged rocks of past pain and sense of separation. I suspected I was one of very few who knew that underneath that bedrock was an underground river of his great heart (well, hearts) flowing with vast love and endless hope. Sometimes Iím not even sure he knew it was there.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the lovely long review! I\'m truly flattered. I just find Nine much more interesting than Ten, especially in his relationship with Rose. I\'ve heard the argument that there shouldn\'t be parallel Doctors because the Time Lords were previously able to move between realities. That\'s a strong argument, but the one detail that argues for a parallel Doctor is the existence of parallel Torchwood. How did it get started if not by the Doctor meeting Queen Victoria and the werewolf? Of course there could be dozens of reasons, but for my own post-Doomsday peace of mind I cling to the idea of a parallel Doctor. Besides, creating the alternate Doctor is just such fun.

2007.11.19 - 04:41PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

This is truly a wonderful story in all different aspects; creative storyline, accurate characterization, witty repertoire. I promise you that I will return to review the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks again for taking the time to write all those lovely reviews! I am so glad you enjoyed my story.

2007.11.03 - 10:59PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

There it was! The perfect moment, the perfect ending. I say this a lot, but I think the best endings are also beginnings. I'll be adding this to my favorites, and looking back soon for the continuation.

Wonderful, poignant writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews! I\'m glad you enjoyed it. The first sequel, \"Danger Shall Seem Sport,\" is already up. More are to come.

2007.10.21 - 01:05AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Wonderful story! I adore Nine, however I can find him, and you write such a marvelous Nine. And your Rose is even better. I love the idea of a secret agent Rose, running from Slug-men and starting chocolate food fights. MAN that scene was priceless! Fabulous fic, and now I'm off to read the next part in the series!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad I could feed your Nine craving (with extra chocolate!) Thanks!

2007.09.23 - 04:18AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Beautifully done. This is why I love Nine. This is why I love Rose. You give them life so well. Now to go read the other two.

Author's Response: Thank you for the plethora of reviews! Glad I could revive Nine for a little while for you.

2007.09.06 - 12:06AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

*dancing* WHOOHOOO! YAY! A wonderful idea! I hope you're the type that likes the idea of the Time Vortex having a permanent effect on her (it did on Jack, why not her? She /swallowed/ the blasted thing after all. Wish I could see this Doctor's face when he hears about that.) Wonderful adventures ahead. I just hope that when I peek at your author page that I'll find them. ^_~ Thanks again!

2007.08.08 - 06:51PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

absolutly brilliant, cannot wait for more :D

2007.08.08 - 06:50PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

absolutly brilliant, cannot wait for more :D

2007.08.07 - 09:14AM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

You have captured Rose's voice well--I usually hate first person but this is in character and the story is enthralling. And geez, did he *have* to lick his finger? I cannot wait for more of this!

2007.08.06 - 09:57PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

Gotta love a sneaky TARDIS!

I loved this fic and can't wait until the next series! I t made me smile, and boy howdy did I need to smile today...

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad I could bring a little happiness to your day!

2007.08.06 - 02:26PM
5: Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense

This was just unbelievably wonderful. I very much enjoyed that it was from Rose's POV, and how you contrasted her grief, with her determination to not be a devistated wreck. Your Nine was great too, almost exaclty like our's only with just enough of a difference to make him believable as an alt version. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Rose\'s head is a good place to be, isn\'t it? :)