2008.03.25 - 01:27PM
1: Encircled: The TARDIS

This story was so wonderful. I have always thought the Doctor's relationship with the Tardis was like that of Seamen in the past where you aren't really sure where the ship ends and the captain begins. And it's more so in fact since the Tardis is actually alive. I think your story has really captured the essence of that. And I have to agree, there Tardis may not always go where she is asked to go, but she always takes the Doctor to wherever he needs to be. Nicely written and I hope you will write more.

2007.08.03 - 04:27AM
1: Encircled: The TARDIS

I love TARDIS fics and that one was very sweet. Thanks for sharing :-)

Author's Response: You\'re welcome! Thanks for reviewing! :)

2007.08.03 - 12:09AM
1: Encircled: The TARDIS

A story about one of my favorite characters - thank you! This TARDIS is a fascinating entity, and you've written her with a lot of affection. I really liked the last sentence, as well.

Author's Response: I\'m really glad you liked it :) Thank you!