Reviews For Rose

2011.09.06 - 02:50AM

I read this at work on my lunch break. I cried. Went back to work with red blotchy eyes. Thank you for that.

LOL. Absolutely brilliant. As much as I hated to see Rose walk away the story was brilliant. Especially the thought of the Doctor trying to get Gary off the TARDIS. What'd he do? Drug him to get him off? Gary probably freaked out and got lost in the TARDIS the moment he saw the Doctor. Too funny.

2011.04.02 - 01:01PM

This was the first story I read on Teaspoon and Open mind and I forgot how much I loved it until I just stumbled over it again. It is absolutely amazin'! :)

2010.10.20 - 07:39PM
14: Further Goodbyes

This one almost made me teary, but I loved it in the put in the words of the Doctor. It was brilliant.

2010.01.31 - 07:02PM
14: Further Goodbyes

Ooooh. Very, very nice story. Loved the whole thing. The ending was nice. I'm not a Rose hater, btw. She is my favorite character. But that tells me that there is gonna be more coming. ;) Because that seems like a half-cliff hanger to me. ;)

2008.07.08 - 09:53AM
14: Further Goodbyes

Brilliant. I cried at the end of the story. I can't believe you wrote it so she left!
I kinda see the sense though because then this fits with the TV series. Very Good

2008.06.27 - 07:12PM
14: Further Goodbyes

This was wonderful! I couldn't stop reading and didn't want it to end. Though, I do want to slap him for not saying what he started at Bad Wolf Bay. I'm looking forward to the sequel!

2008.01.04 - 03:46PM
14: Further Goodbyes

You... I mean... It was all fluffy and lovely and YAY reunion!
And then... she left?!
Oooh you're lucky there's a sequel, else I'd hit you with spanners.
Then I'd set Allons-y and Alonzo on you.

I don't care if they ARE fish. They're 10Rose shippers too, you know. I have to read them the stories I read else they get upset.

So there.


2007.11.03 - 07:54AM
14: Further Goodbyes

I just read this straight through because I keep seeing the current one and realizing there were two stories before it before I could read it. So anyway, here I am and I really enjoyed this. It was a completely different take and I liked it very much, despite the ending. Now off to read the one in the middle.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, it always makes me happy when people read my older stories through just to read my newer ones. Sorry about the ending, you\'re not alone with those thoughts :P

2007.10.08 - 06:10AM
14: Further Goodbyes

She left him. She left him?! how could you do that? Ooh u are so... lucky u said there would be a sequal.
Ps. the story's still good, just pleease let Rose come back.

Author's Response: *thanks whatever made her make the decision to mention that there was going to be a sequel* Thanks for the review :)

2007.10.07 - 11:08PM
14: Further Goodbyes

How could you do that? What if Rose is pregnant? Will Rose find a way to contact the Doctor? Will the Doctor find another way to get back to Rose? Please post the sequel as soon as possible. Hopefully it will have a happy ending. Unlike this story.

Author's Response: Eek. Thank you for the review :)

2007.10.07 - 03:30PM
14: Further Goodbyes

Right, where's my mallet...

How could you? That... that... I'm in shock! Rose saying no!!! Bad Doctor *grumbles under her breath about how idiotic this 10th incarnation of the Doctor is*

Author's Response: Eeeeep! Sorry you\'re in shock. Would a cookie help? Again with the please don\'t hurt me. I did foreshadow up to this!

2007.10.07 - 03:16PM
14: Further Goodbyes

Your one very lucky person,because if you hadn't mentioned you were doing a sequel to this I wouldn't be held accountable for my actions.

I understand her decision but by doing this she' s just hurting herself and the Doctor furthur.

I hope you can manage to reconscile this in the sequel and give us a happy outcome.

Lets have the Doctor pluck up the courage to tell the woman he loves that he actually loves her.

Perhaps Jack and possibly Donna can give him a kick up the arse to do so.

Author's Response: Yes, I thought that mentioning there will be a sequel would spare me great amounts of grievous bodily harm! Sounds like something Jack and Donna would do :) Thanks for the review :D

2007.10.07 - 02:59PM
14: Further Goodbyes

I've never understoods the whole 'I'm going to utterly break your heart now because there's the vaguest possibility it might happen in the future anyway' thing.
I still don't. :(
There better be a sequel and it better make up for this *raises threatening eyebrow*

Author's Response: I suppose you have to be in that situation to be able to understand it. Who knows! I\'m more scared of that eyebrow than the slap/mallet thing! Thanks for the review :)

2007.10.07 - 02:40PM

*hands over consoling cookie* Okay, maybe hitting you with the mallet would be a bit harsh. You do write a lovely story, and you sound ALMOST contrite. *sigh* But I do like Rose and the Doctor together! :)

Author's Response: Yay, a cookie! Almost, but not quite. And thank you very much for the compliment. I like them together too... but I don\'t like my characters happy for too long. No fun that way :P

2007.10.07 - 02:15PM
14: Further Goodbyes

I don't know whether to slap you a-la-Jackie Tyler, or simply to pound you with the mallet the Doctor uses on the Tardis. I knew "we have to talk" was not going to be good news!

Maybe you will make it up to us in the sequel? Thanks for posting.

Author's Response: I\'m getting bubble wrap now, and a lot of it! I\'ll definitely try to make it up to you when I write the sequel. At least you got an insight into Rose\'s state of mind and why she did what she did? Please don\'t hurt me. Thanks for reviewing :)