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2020.08.22 - 05:30PM
1: Chapter 1

Bless you, Sarah Jane. ;_;

2012.06.15 - 08:05PM
1: Chapter 1

Here from the rec on Calufrax. This is a gorgeous, sad story. Bravo!

2012.06.15 - 05:58PM
1: Chapter 1

Here via Cailfax. I love Sarah Jane, I love her relationship with the Doctor and how she knows what he needs (in a strictly platonic sense)...and I really like how you wrote this story. A bit slow in places, but good overall.

2012.06.14 - 08:20PM
1: Chapter 1

*Sobs messily*

Ohhhh, how I DO miss Sarah Jane Smith. And this was beautiful. If he could ever go to anyone...any time. It would be her. She was his best friend, his love and his ultimate companion.

I adored every word of this. Thank you so, so much!!



2012.06.14 - 02:30PM
1: Chapter 1

I don't know where to begin reviewing this. I'm usually quite rubbish so don't expect too much. I loved this. Really loved it .

You know what I like most about this story? It makes the 'Ten has a total breakdown' trope seem plausible. I've read a few of those stories, but this is the first one that really managed to convince me. The way you explain it makes sense. In fact, everything in your story seems to make sense. The Doctor would go to Sarah, and Sarah would comfort him like that, she would 'hate' Martha and Jack like that, and it would all go the way you wrote it.

I also 'loved' (you know what I mean) the idea that the master rounded up the Doctor's companions and killed them in front of him. Because he is that twisted, and the Doctor wouldn't be able to forget it even though it never happened.

One final thing before I go: I smiled when you called the TARDIS floor 'slightly uncomfortable' because that is exactly what I thought when the Doctor sank to the floor...

2012.06.14 - 01:20PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh gosh, ALL THE EMOTIONS. I seem to have something in my eye after reading this story.

I love the way you've written Sarah Jane in this story. She is a rock of emotional support. And now I have emotions about Sarah Jane too...

2012.06.14 - 10:41AM
1: Chapter 1

Here from Calufrax. The is heartbreaking and wonderful. Sarah Jane, more than any other companion, would be able to comfort the Doctor after the Year.

2008.05.27 - 10:48PM
1: Chapter 1

::pokes The Doctor, who is still rocking slightly on the floor of the TARDIS:: I think you broke him!

This is one of my favorite stories here. Out of the thousands of stories posted on this site, I read this one again and again and I never get tired of it.

You've captured Sarah Jane perfectly. The way she deals with the shattered Time Lord and just takes him into her arms and lets him cry - perfect.

And the idea of The Master bringing his previous companions before him so he could murder them in front of The Doctor was amazing. Disturbing, but still amazing. Frighteningly brilliant story.

I have a request... could you please go and write something nice and happy for our Doctor now? Something where everybody lives and no-one is horribly maimed or murdered? Pleeeeaaase?

But again, I love this story. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for this lovely review! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story so much. :-) As for your request... you\'ll have to speak to the plot bunnies. They are evil, Doctor-whumping sadists, and I am merely their humble servant. *g*

2008.05.26 - 10:59AM
1: Chapter 1

I just read this through twice in a row. You made me cry! This is so well written, and you've got such a handle on Ten's personality-and Sarah Jane's, too. I'm going to read ALL your other fics now.

Author's Response: ::hands you tissues:: I\'m glad you enjoyed it so much, and I hope the rest of my fic is equally enjoyable. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :-)

2008.05.15 - 08:08PM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful and sad and moving all at once. I lack the words for a proper review, but this is simply gorgeous. Thank you for writing it! Ten deserves a break, and it was nice to see him get one.

Author's Response: He really did deserve a break after Series 3, didn\'t he? I\'m glad you enjoyed the fic! Thank you for reading and reviewing. :-)

2008.04.27 - 05:19PM
1: Chapter 1

I loved this. You wrote Sarah-Jane so brilliantly and the Doctor just made me want to weep.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it! I\'m especially pleased to hear that you liked how I wrote Sarah Jane, since my only reference for her was her one New Who episode. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

2008.04.23 - 12:11PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm slowly running out of your stories, which is sad, but I can't seem to take them more slowly, savor them. They're far too compelling. This one, for example, just makes so much sense -- and fills the need I think most of us felt at the end of S3, with the Doctor left shattered and alone. It's fair for someone like Sarah Jane to "hate" Jack and Martha for leaving him unsupported, a hate tinged with interest and respect and understanding. I'm still having trouble justifying Jack's return to Torchwood (although for the sake of canon I understand the reasons given and can play along to better enjoy TW series 2).

Most beautiful line: "“Why!?” he sobbed, the eternal refrain of frightened little boys, lonely widowers, and battle scarred soldiers." Doesn't that just capture the Doctor's life in a nutshell? Sad and dark and damaged, all buried beneath that manic grin and frenetic energy. (I think I fell in love with Ten when I realized that much of his behavior -- especially the careless, reckless behaviors of S2 -- was a mask, a bit of a lie and a distraction to keep himself away from the darkness.)

Still, the real win of this is the ending, as Sarah "knows" exactly what will happen from here, that the Doctor can and will recover enough to move on ... without her, once again. Absolutely stunning.

Randomly, have you ever thought to start a "favorites" list here? Just for kicks -- and to waste more time? Especially as I find myself catching up to you and having to wait (aaaaahhhhh! the horror!) for updates, I'd love to know what you're reading and enjoying. (I'm sure I found you off of wmr or Gillian Taylor or someone else's favorites list... The best way to shop for quality fic!)

Author's Response: Thank you for yet another wonderful review! \"It\'s fair for someone like Sarah Jane to \"hate\" Jack and Martha for leaving him unsupported, a hate tinged with interest and respect and understanding.\" That, in a nutshell, is why I\'ve always had vague thoughts about a sequel to this in which Sarah Jane goes to find Jack and/or Martha to give them a piece of her mind. She would, of course, find them in not a much better state than she\'d found the Doctor, and would wind up listening to their sides of the story, as well. One of these days, when I\'m not doing sixteen million other things... speaking of which, it\'s exactly that lack of free time that keeps me from even starting a favorites list on the \'Spoon. I know it would be one more thing I wouldn\'t have time to keep up with! :-)

2007.12.21 - 04:35AM
1: Chapter 1

I just re-(re-re-re-re-re)read your fic.

And cried my eyes out.


Just thought you ought to know.

(Brilliant writing. Brilliant.)

*walks off to find a fresh box of tissues*

Author's Response: ::hugs:: Thank you so much! I\'m so happy to hear that someone else re-reads this story, because I re-read it myself every so often. I glad you like it! :-)

2007.11.04 - 02:30AM
1: Chapter 1

"Sarah Jane comforts the Doctor after the loss of his companions" is a pervasive meme ... you and I and a lot of other writers all seem to have come up with it on our own, and I love it. :) The Master killing the Doctor's companions was especially wrenching.

Author's Response: It really is, isn\'t it? It\'s just such an obvious interaction to expect, and I think the only version of it that would be believable. I can\'t see the Doctor going back to any of his other companions like that (with the possible exception of the Brig). As for the Master killing his companions... it just seemed like a Masterly thing to do, and it seemed to fit the theme of doing horrible things to the Doctor that the S3 writers explored so thoroughly. It also allowed me to make him believably that relieved to find her alive. I\'m glad you liked my take on the \'Doctor goes to Sarah Jane\' idea, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

2007.09.25 - 08:39AM
1: Chapter 1

I just watched the season finale last night (parts2&3) and the whole time I wondered/worried about Sarah Jane.

This was lovely and what I was hoping to find.

Author's Response: I\'m glad my fic fit that empty hole in the storyline for you. I wrote it for exactly that reason! Thank you for reviewing! :-)