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2018.01.19 - 10:35PM
15: Recovering Things

They made símores!!! *sniffle* Aaah this was so beautiful I donít know what else to say Iím totally speechless! You wrote the characters amazingly, they all had so much heart and felt so real and true to themselves, the ending was perfect and I may or may not be crying a little :í) (plus the fan art included is amazing, hands up to the artist as well!)

2017.11.08 - 03:06PM
1: Typical Things

Sorry for leaving this review, like, 10 years or so after you wrote the story, but I didn't have an account on Teaspoon until recently.
I just wanted to say I love this story. It's one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and I find myself coming back to it over and over because it's just so good.
When I first read Sense I stayed up all night because I couldn't stop reading it. It was also the first of many stories I read on Teaspoon.
Again sorry for only reviewing now, thanks for writing such an awesome fanfiction and kudos.

2014.03.26 - 07:08PM
15: Recovering Things

This was a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it. :-)

2014.01.19 - 07:19PM
15: Recovering Things

I have absolutely loved this story from beginning to end. Well done!!! ;-)

2012.10.04 - 02:29PM
1: Typical Things


i love love love love this story. actually I just found it again and im so happy :D

this story is what brought me here to teaspoon.

2012.04.14 - 04:05PM
15: Recovering Things

Read this in an afternoon and - absolutely amazing. The plot, the dynamics, all wonderful.

ďBecause I could really use a hug right about now.Ē really dissolved me into tears, too.

2011.08.08 - 11:34PM
15: Recovering Things

I am thankful to have found this story. Four some years later and it still packs a hella powerful punch. I hope you're still writing out there, somewhere.

2011.05.27 - 11:17AM
15: Recovering Things

So powerful, so painful, yet so well written that it stays with you long after you've finished it. All of their voices were perfect, and this story remains one of my absolute favorites on Teaspoon, even all this time later, so I decided I'd leave a review to tell you how much I loved it!

2011.05.02 - 08:32PM
15: Recovering Things

I Loved this story! Loved it, I tell you. I wish I had reviewed each chapter but I was so hooked I couldn't stop. I love the way you write Jack's love for the Doctor. It's true and romantic, unlike so many that have him as a rutting beast just out to get a piece of Time-lord ass. I loved how you made the Doctor's pain so deep and so real, as deep and real as Jack and Rose's pain at having to witness and even participate. I loved Jackie being a Mum to our sweet Doctor when he so needed one, right down to her fussing about the lollies! I loved Kissing!Doctor, especially when it made Jack go all wobbly, LOL. I loved the s'mores. I loved the Doctor marking his lovers with a "D". I just adore the artwork at the end of the story...And I loved the story-after-the-story @ LJ. Just in case you didn't read the review there, here it is:
I've become such a fan of your work! Somehow you make it clear that along with passion comes a sweet innocence I've found all too rare in fanfic. I'm primarily a Jacktor girl, but your work with 10/Jack/Martha in Loophole and again with 10/Jack/Rose has made a believer out of me. I want to hug all three of them! And I adored snogging!Doctor. The only thing that could have made the story better would have been if the Doctor replaced Jack's beloved coat with a new one, preferably with the surprise of wearing it to bed. And nothing else. But even so...I truly love your work!!

2011.01.12 - 10:35PM
1: Typical Things

Now that I've finally worked out how to submit a review...

This is by far one of the best and most original Doctor Who fics that I've yet read. I've read it twice already in the three days since I've discovered it. I still can't help wishing there were more, if just so that I could make it last longer each time!

2010.12.05 - 01:47PM
15: Recovering Things

What a fantastically beautiful story. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The Doctor's pain and suffering - it was written so perfectly. I love how you didn't shy away from the healing afterwards. Can't wait to read more of your writing!

2009.12.30 - 01:56AM
15: Recovering Things

YAY! WHat everyone else said! WOw what a trip!!!

2009.09.06 - 01:03PM
1: Typical Things

Well I chanced across this excellent story once, and have gone crazy today trying to track it back down. (Of course when I finally realized to just google 'whofic' and 'sensory deprivation' it took all of five seonds to find.)

But, yes. Brilliant and very disturbing at once. You do fantastic work!

2008.12.02 - 05:57PM
15: Recovering Things

This has got to be the best plotted, and most well written fic for Doctor Who i have EVER read.
I absolutely loved it, and it is very unique to look at the Doctor in such a vunerable state, but you portrayed it perfectly, and showed the relationship between him and his two companions beautifully!
Loved it. Absolutely, bloody loved it!

2008.09.10 - 02:47PM
15: Recovering Things

That was really great! It was so strange to see the Doctor so helpless but so right to see how much he believed in Jack and Rose through it all. And that bonfire was a perfect finish! Really great story! Thanks.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it so much! And thank you for commenting, it was fun to see your reactions to different parts of the story. :-)