2014.03.08 - 03:56PM
9: Of Fire and Ice

Loved this! You wrapped it up very neatly and the plot and everything was fantastic!

2011.10.22 - 10:42PM
9: Of Fire and Ice

Fantastic story. I like that you had the Doctor in denial for so long about what he'd done to Rose - he's entirely too clever not to have gotten an idea after just a few moments, but he kept acting like it was all okay. He was just that appalled.

2009.10.23 - 12:36AM
9: Of Fire and Ice

awww cute ending. very sweet. asking if she was okay with his kissing history.

2009.10.23 - 12:22AM
8: Of Running For One's Life

awww liked all the bits with the five and a half and how it was exactly five and half months that he was gone.
loved the bit about the miscalculated 12hrs/months bit.

good of the doctor to invite christopher to the tardis. even though i figured christopher wouldnt go, i still wished he did.

2009.10.23 - 12:01AM
7: Of Accusations and Broken Hearts

beautiful confrontation. very lovely.

awww but poor christopher. and cool that it was the aliens of the planet that felt bad and made this nursery for them.

2009.10.22 - 11:25PM
6: Of Not Being Alone

awwww, christopher.
but geeee rose's hair grows really fast.
i do hope the doctor gets to suffer for quite awhile first and also is not quick to leave her behind.

2009.09.28 - 06:52PM
9: Of Fire and Ice

Oh my that was wonderful. A perfect pairing of two worlds. I love Pride and Prejudice and adore DR Who. Poor Christopher though, hope he finds happiness in his own world. The ending was sweet and well deserved. Clever clever Rose. Sexy sexy doctor. Thanks for the entertaining read.

2008.07.03 - 01:18PM
1: Of Candlelight and Fleas

absolutely lovely! I was afraid when you started working "the book" into it that it was going to be all about the plot of the book, but instead it's all about how Rose deals with being left behind... and in that way it's more interesting and beautiful.
Loved your descriptions of her clothing, too and the mother is a lovely character.

Thanks for the great read.

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome. I\'m glad you liked it!

2008.06.17 - 09:01PM
9: Of Fire and Ice

Oh I loved this! This possibly could be my favourite Doctor/Rose story on here, it's just so wonderful! XD

I love the ending, it was perfect for the rest of equally wonderful storyline! And I love the extra touch about them being able to read each others minds and the quick wedding, legal in at least most of the universe. lol Abolsulty fantastic! I am very eager to read more of your work now. *favourited*...although i did that after the first chapter. lol

Author's Response: Thanks for all your comments! It\'s always fun to read someone\'s reactions as they read each chapter. I do have several other stories on Teaspoon, so enjoy! :)

2008.06.17 - 08:11PM
7: Of Accusations and Broken Hearts

Oh this is beyond wonderful! They're both in perfect character, especially the Doctor! I could imagine his awkward movements and everything! Brilliantly written.

I love the comments about laying claim, how he figured it out on his own without needing Rose to tell him and how sorry he was. Damn, I think Id've forgiven him right then and there if that was me. lol. Who can stay mad at the Doctor for long?...Rose? lol

2008.06.17 - 07:49PM
6: Of Not Being Alone

Yeah!!! Good on her! lol

That was brilliant! I knew Christopher would want to marry her and I imagine she was just about to say yes as well until The Doctor popped back into her life.

Loved his comment about her hair btw. Very in character! lol Never thought Rose would be anything but blonde, but she does have dark roots so....

2008.06.17 - 07:36PM
5: Of Being Alone

But what if he proposes!? Arghhh! Doctor, what are you doing you silly man/alien! *hits repeatedly* lol Maybe that'll knock some sense into him.

I am still completely loving this story so much! XD

2008.06.17 - 07:04PM
3: Of Bedtime Stories and Balls

Ooo, I oficially love this story so far! Now we even get a jealous tenth Doctor! He he

2008.06.17 - 06:46PM
2: Of Hatpins and Pounds

Really brilliant! Not only well written but you've set it in my favourite time period as well. XD
Gotta love those balls and those Mr. Darcy's. He he. Not that Rose needs one however... she's got hers. ; P

2008.06.17 - 05:11PM
1: Of Candlelight and Fleas

That was brilliant. So well written! I look forward to reading the rest! :) He he 'Lady Rose...'

Author's Response: Thanks! I loved writing this one. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. :D