Reviews For Angel

2011.05.13 - 03:51PM
1: Angel

I really thought that I had reviewed this... but patently not. The shiver-inducing part?

'He thrust his hands into his pockets and began to walk away. "You won't forget me, will you, Rose Tyler?"

Lillibet... are you RTD, but sexier? Cos... I mean, sure as hell sounds like it!

Sad... Hopeful... Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for coming back, re-reading and reviewing. I\'m so pleased that this story was worth a return visit. *hugs*

2010.09.11 - 03:33PM
1: Angel

Somehow, that satisfies my need for everything to be karmicly right in the universe... *is smiling and teary*

Author's Response: I\'ve been told that I need a tissue warning on this fic. I\'m really pleased that you enjoyed reading it. Thank you. :)

2010.03.05 - 07:03PM
1: Angel

I'm crying and I must run upstairs before my two Brothers give me odd looks. Thank you. :')

Author's Response: I\'m always so very flattered that people cry at this fic. *hugs* :)

2009.09.27 - 06:42AM
1: Angel

oh that was incredible and uplifting and deeply sad at the same time. As we edge ever closer to DT's departure these sort of fics just bring tears to my eyes even though I know you wrote ages ago. Got to go find a tissue now.

Author's Response: I\'m so pleased that you enjoyed this. You\'re very sweet for reading & reviewing so many of my stories. *hugs* :)

2009.02.27 - 10:25AM
1: Angel

Oh I almost cried when I read this(the only reason I didn't was that I'm at school right now and I think I might get some pretty odd looks if I suddenly start bawling) I'll read it again later once I'm home. Lovely work! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, sweetie. This fic has been known to have that effect on people. I\'m pleased that you liked it. :)

2009.01.17 - 04:29AM
1: Angel

Again! It was amazingly beautiful and horridly sad and I don't know whether I want to beat you with a fish or hug you. You and RTD tend to have this effect on me. Bother. I'll be back when I figure out if the fish or the hug would be more appropriate for this. ;)

Author's Response: Well, I hope that it\'s the hug. Being beaten with a fish sounds very unpleasant. ;)

2008.09.16 - 03:05PM
1: Angel

Aww that was absolutly lovely! *sobs* So sad but so lovely! Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m pleased that you enjoyed it. :)

2008.04.22 - 01:18PM
1: Angel

Quite glad I'm not the only one who cried at this. It was wonderfully fantastic and heart smashing, and hopeful. Thank you for more than you probably intending whilst writing this. Must say this is one of my all time favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your very kind words. I\'m flattered that you enjoyed this story.

2008.03.02 - 03:18AM
1: Angel

This was absolutely heartbreaking story - which brought me in tears - but left me feeling hopeful for a reunion.

Fantastic job and thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us!

Will be in my favorites! :D

Author's Response: I\'m very flattered that you like it. Thank you.

2008.01.30 - 04:46PM
1: Angel

haunting and heartbreaking, with just a dash of hope and infinite love... T_T there is no better recipe for a sob-session. gah *runs off to cry in the uni bathroom*

Author's Response: *offers tissues* Oh dear. Sorry hun.

2008.01.19 - 06:19PM
1: Angel

Omg it made me cry too! Like BUCKETS.

You have severe writing talent...

Bizarre... :D

Author's Response: Honestly, thank you! :)

2007.09.13 - 09:13AM
1: Angel

Sobs into kleenex that was soo sad but utterly fab at the same time

Author's Response: Many thanks.

2007.09.04 - 02:51PM
1: Angel

That made me cry

A hell of a lot :(

But I love it.
So, so much :)

Author's Response: I\'m really flattered, thanks.

2007.09.04 - 02:48PM
1: Angel

Jeez. That's made me practically sob. That's just... beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

2007.07.26 - 04:23PM
1: Angel


Author's Response: Thank you.