Reviews For Burn

2011.07.17 - 03:55AM
1: Burn

Magnificent! And may I, like others, request a sequel?

2008.08.22 - 06:47AM
1: Burn

Bloody brilliant =3 I love the whole fire stuff, it gave it more feeling.

Hot stuff XD In both senses of the phrase


2008.01.22 - 07:50AM
1: Burn

I am now oficially confused, since I remember leaving a review to this a few days ago.
Anyway, to say it again, this is one of the most beautifully done stories I've ever read.

2007.07.24 - 10:21PM
1: Burn

I'm just going to repeat everyone else but, sequel please? And the temp. imagery was gorgeus, i love how you used it. Other than that, you've got talent and... guh. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. Sometimes I manage to write things that don\'t suck, and this was one of those lucky times. As for a sequel, there seems to be interest, so I\'ll put some more thought into it.

2007.07.24 - 01:58PM
1: Burn

Wow!! That was incredible! Poor, sad Doctor. I just ache for him. Masterful piece of writing.

Author's Response: I know, poor Doctor. Maybe I should feel bad for torturing him... nah, he can suffer a little more for the sake of fanfic. :P

2007.07.24 - 02:09AM
1: Burn

This was really really good! I love your use of imagery, and I think that it helped to capture Jack and the Doctor's relationship. Using the temperature difference between the two as a vehicle for such a compelling story was a great idea. Very nice, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you. I wasn\'t sure about the hot/cold story line at first, but it kept poking me in the head, so I decided why not.

2007.07.23 - 11:57PM
1: Burn

Such a powerful, intense fic!
Well done!

Will you be writing more in this vein (pretty please)?

Author's Response: The thought of a sequel had crossed my mind. As of yet I haven\'t made any plans on it, but I\'m not ruling it out. We\'ll see ^_^