2012.12.06 - 08:00PM
2: Version Two

This is truly an AU, because unfortunately, whether we like it or not, Rebounding was exactly what Ten was doing.

2007.07.22 - 12:46PM
2: Version Two

I thought this was very him. Well done.

Author's Response: thank you. I\'m pleased to hear I got the voice right. (I was afraid it was too 9 instead of 10)

2007.07.22 - 11:16AM
2: Version Two

Sorry, but this is the same as the first chapter :)

Author's Response: I wasn\'t sure which version was better, so I posted both. apologies for any confusion. and thank you for taking the time to reply. it means a lot.

2007.07.22 - 11:15AM
1: Version 1

Touche Doctor...

Really though, that did make me ever so slightly irritated when she said that. Not as bad as a comment further on in the series, but still...
Anyway, he won't get over Rose that easily :)

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it; thank you for your reply. he\'s gotten over the loss of every other Companion, though, so why not Rose? besides, while the Bride asked about Rose several times, Martha\'s been getting slapped in the face with nearly endless comments about Rose. to the scriptwriters, I say \"Enough! we get the point!\"