Reviews For Insufferable

2010.08.27 - 01:31AM
21: New Born

Please please please return to finish the next part? I've read this so many times and love it. The relationship between rose and the doctor is perfect. So in character and so romantic and damn sexy. Really wanna read more. Pretty please.

2009.10.13 - 10:13PM
20: Time Is Running Out

WTF? You can't just end a story like that! Grr! *goes off to read more*

2009.10.13 - 08:59PM
1: Micro Cuts

I bloody love you! Not only are these stories fucking amazing, but the chapter titles are named after Muse's songs... Not only that, but some of their ABSOLUTE BEST. AND, the series is named after my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG of theirs. It's brilliant! *goes to read more*

2009.08.17 - 05:21PM
1: Micro Cuts

This is brilliant, you'd be a fool to even slightly dislike this or even feel moderate about it. Keep it up

2008.10.13 - 03:23PM
21: New Born

What a cliffe hanger! This series is absolutly fantastic! I've been enjoying it so much that I haven't been stopping long enough to review, sorry. But I absolutly love it! I love how the Doctor was so resistant at the beginning but that they changed their relationship so subtly that it felt natural. I can't believe the babies gone though, I hope they get her back and keep her. Or at least giver her to Jackie to look after so thay can still be part of her life.

Anyway, as i say, really great series! I'm off to read the next story, I just hope you continue with it soon. I don't think I can handle being left in suspense for too long! he he

2008.07.11 - 11:16AM
21: New Born

This story is wonderful - I didn't want to put it down! Please update soon!

Author's Response: The sequel is called Desolate Planes, its up in my stories section. Though I haven\'t updated for a while, I\'m still here. Just a little distracted at the moment.

2008.04.02 - 01:22AM
21: New Born

Ooo! I can't wait to see who was behind it all!

2008.03.24 - 03:32PM
21: New Born

Very interesting and intriguing twist with the baby just vanishing out of thin air.

I think that Doctor has something to do with it ,he seemed to shifty.

2008.03.24 - 09:34AM
21: New Born

It was that evil, shifty doctor that did it - now FIGURE IT OUT Doctor and go kick his butt!!!!!!!

2008.03.24 - 09:00AM
21: New Born

What? Wooo, you've opened up a whole new realm to this story.

You never stop amazing me with the twists and turns you create for us readers.

Well done. I do hope there will be more... and soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, I try to make it not too predictable! I\'m working on the next chapter at the moment, so soon hopefully.

2008.03.24 - 07:27AM
21: New Born

Well, see what I get for begging! A cliff hanger ;)
That was so tender and sad, they are both hurting far more than they could ever let one. But just where has the baby gone? Is it like a phantom one, because of the drug Rose took? Very intriguing :)

2008.03.24 - 07:10AM
20: Time Is Running Out

I have been inactive on whofic for a very long time... and well I was just browsing yesturday and i found your story. I read the first one and well... I can't believe I've been missing out on your work! I've just managed to finish reading both of your stories. Your plots and thoughts processes are really quite detailed and every problem is worked out to a great extent. Your work fantastc. You have me begging for more! Thank you for the story (and for getting me hooked again!). Keep it up!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for the compliments! I\'m sometimes worried the overall story doesn\'t run smoothly because I write it bit by bit (not much of a plan). But as long as it makes sense to you and flows then that\'s good.

2008.03.23 - 04:33PM
20: Time Is Running Out

I hope Rose will be ok? What will become of the baby now?

2008.03.23 - 04:30PM
2: The Small Print

Love the chapters named after Muse songs...creative thinking, there.

Author's Response: I\'m just too lazy to think of my own chapter names LOL

2008.03.23 - 12:02AM
20: Time Is Running Out

*blink* *blink blink* *waits for next update*

Seriously, you've got me on the edge of my seat here! I can't wait to see how the Doctor gets them out of this one!