2014.08.03 - 05:01AM
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Somewhere, Douglas Adams is beaming with pride. You've channeled him gloriously.

2013.09.29 - 04:22PM
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Beautiful! Thanks for the laugh. My 2 favorite things: DW & HHGTTG!

2012.09.15 - 05:35AM
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LOL!! Not a remotely rubbish punchline!

2012.09.05 - 09:49AM
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I love you, this was absolutely perfect, lol!!

So was it because (or in spite) of their Earth wobbling actions that the Volgons were forced (not that they particularly minded) had to mow through them for that abandoned express-lane project?




2012.04.06 - 11:23AM
1: Chapter 1

I read this and I hear it in the voice of Stephen Fry! ;D

Also, "There are after all only a limited number of possibilities when a chaotic element meets an A+ shag." > I bet Jack begs to differ, he is pretty innovative, after all, and has creativity to spare.

2012.03.29 - 06:49PM
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Oh dear lord, that was funny! gasps for breath lost due to laughter. Douglas Adams and the Doctor both captured perfectly.

2012.02.06 - 05:43AM
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XD *cackles like an insane monkey*

2012.01.10 - 09:26AM
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I'm going to be a dissenting voice and say ' this isn't as good as your others' - might be because the DNA pastiche was so spot on it felt a bit over- familiar, or that it just wasn't as snappy as some of your others. Not bad, though.

2010.06.22 - 04:46PM
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LOL! Perfect!

2010.03.21 - 05:02PM
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I loved this! Made me laugh uproarously.

2010.03.03 - 03:25PM
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Just stumbled across this. It's a delight.

2009.08.17 - 01:17PM
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very funny!

2009.03.25 - 11:50PM
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Oh, my, there I was, just wandering around and found this. What everyone else said, cubed.

Thank you

2008.09.22 - 09:52AM
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I don't suppose that there are words in any of the languages I speak that would accurately describe the utter love and adoration I have for this speck of fanfiction.

That said, Cheers.

2008.08.06 - 10:14AM
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"Brilliant" is probably going to do this fanfic injustice. So it would to any of your other fanfics that made me burst in laughter today, but writing this for each one of them would make me look like a stalker, so I'll just compromise with asking you to marry me, I think.