2011.04.11 - 10:21AM
1: Chapter 1

Funny. And Season three had at least two episodes ripe for cliches.

2008.07.30 - 06:44AM
1: Chapter 1

Bwahahahaha!!! GOLD!

2008.05.08 - 10:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Number 20 was the best one ever - LMAO!

2007.09.09 - 11:58PM
1: Chapter 1

It was wrong, she knew, but there was something impressive about how freely the Doctor told lies. He always said he had a special relationship with time, and from the looks of things he had a similar relationship with truth.

I love you for this. Just thought you should know.

2007.07.17 - 07:51AM
1: Chapter 1

"And then the TARDIS exploded, killing everyone in the universe. Which teaches us all a vital lesson about safe sex."

Oh that is just about the best Crack!fic line that I have ever read!!

Sheer brilliance!

2007.07.17 - 04:12AM
1: Chapter 1

I LOL, and then wonder if I'll ever be able to write anything again without referring to this to make sure it's not cliche ridden!