Reviews For Das Tier in Mir

2010.06.25 - 05:08PM
1: Chapter 1

Just letting you know that this is still being's far more adorable than anything involving a werewolf has any right to be. Any time you're in the mood to continue the adventures of Wolf!Doctor, I guarantee that I'll be in the mood to read them!

2009.06.24 - 06:19AM
1: Chapter 1

oh i really like this! great!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'ve got all kinds of weird old stuff squirreled away here . . . :D

2009.06.23 - 04:28PM
1: Chapter 1

I just found this, and I must admit it is wonderfully cute.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! Blast from the past here -- glad people still think it\'s fun! :D

2008.03.06 - 07:51AM
1: Chapter 1

Just stumbled across this in the archives and I loved it. So funny.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sometimes, the silly just gets to me . . . XD

2007.09.25 - 03:58PM
1: Chapter 1

I didn't know what to think at first...but this was so well written...and I can SO see Ten with literal puppy-dog eyes...points for something completely different!

Author's Response: Thanks! But be sure to check out \"Whooligans,\" too -- it\'s not *my* idea, I\'m just riffing. Yeah, that\'s my story and I\'m stickin\' to it. All JesIdres\' fault . . . :D

2007.07.16 - 02:42PM
1: Chapter 1

That was really wierd but rather endearing. I didn't realize other people, ie people outside my wierd, wierd little town, use the phrase Whooliganism! Nice to know!

Author's Response: I\'ve heard the term \"Whooligan\" in several places -- I know online, and possibly in print (SF magazines, etc.) as well -- seems fairly widespread. And yeah, it\'s a weird-but-endearing concept, which is why I couldn\'t resist a fic with it. Check out the link I gave . ..that leads to more similar stuff! Thanks!

2007.07.16 - 03:18AM
1: Chapter 1

Thats was just awesome! Read really well and now I want more wolf!Doctor *g*

Author's Response: Lol! Wolf!Doc seems to have quite the following on the net for quite a while -- I\'m quite the latecomer . . . I\'d say check out Deviant Art -- there seems to be a fair amount of stuff there, and links to fic and everything.

2007.07.15 - 01:02PM
1: Chapter 1

That was great! I love wolf!Doctor.

Author's Response: Thanks! It\'s a fun concept -- though an odd one for me to write, since I\'ve been bumping up the Doc\'s feline nature in pretty much all my fics. Going canine all of a sudden makes for a bit of a shock . . .

2007.07.15 - 12:59PM
1: Chapter 1

Ohhhh, love it! I've been dying to see some stories based off this werewolf doctor pictures.

Any chance I could sweet talk you into doing more. Pleassssseee??????

*gives puppy eyes*

Author's Response: Oh, I really have to stop getting distracted and finish my long stories. Maybe later -- although if you could talk *Ten* into giving me the puppy dog eyes, that might weaken my resolve.

2007.07.15 - 10:16AM
1: Chapter 1

*stares* *bursts out laughing* Oh my gosh, that was funny. Tag indeed. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! It seemed a logical game for them to play . . .

2007.07.15 - 12:59AM
1: Chapter 1

I've got Swankkat from LJ here visiting me, and we both had to read this as soon as it popped up and we saw the word 'Wholigans'.

OMG. I'm still chortling. The Doctor wanting to chase Rose through the woods at night: brilliant. And the "Come on, let's play!" thing--HILARIOUS. And the asthmatic chihuahua--can't stop giggling.

Brilliant. Wonderful. Now get to work on Chance Meetings, darnit! *g*

Author's Response: Wow, glad I could provide extra entertainment for a guest. Thanks for the kind words . . . and yes, ma\'am! [Sheepish face] I\'ll get right back to CM . . . ;)