2008.11.29 - 12:48PM
3: Chapter 3

Yet AGAIN, well done! My brother, (SPOT_The_DALEK on this site), cracks his bones and the sound goes right through me. He's done it since nursery and throughout school and secondary school. It's soooo gross! I'm reading all your stories AND sequel. You are getting added to my fave authors. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C'MON! LET'S CELEBRATE!

~oOo~ sorry about that outburst ~oOo~


2008.10.12 - 05:19AM
3: Chapter 3

that was so cute. Im kinda amazed that the Doctor didn't know that Rose was pretending lolz but it gave me this massive smile until i fell asleep lol =] ahh i hate it when people crack and pop their bones .... *shiver* anyway very well written and fantastic ending =] Ten

2008.07.03 - 07:45AM
3: Chapter 3

Really good story i know ill have a smile on my face for the rest of the morning :-)

2007.07.16 - 05:52PM
3: Chapter 3

*giggle* Nice ending. But one question, did the Doctor remove his shoes, at least, and maybe jacket before getting bed with Rose??? Just curious.

I'm excited to see where the sequel takes the pair next.

*looks nervously at the author*

Actually I'm terrified about what your dark mind might come up with next....please don't say torture as least not without a happy ending

Author's Response: Lol thanks, and he was in his jim-jams, he was in bed if you remember. And the sequels not too bad lol

2007.07.16 - 12:26PM
3: Chapter 3

SO cute at the end! such a lovely moment *grins* looking forward to a sequel! and btw, i thought Saw 3 was a bit rubbish too.

Zen Clarke
2007.07.16 - 12:14PM
3: Chapter 3

Cute. Remind me to never meet you in person...I always pop my fingers. *grins sheepishly* It's not my fault though! It's a forcive habbit that I've had since kindergarten! *twitches* *grins* Anyway, can't wait for da sequel. xD

Author's Response: Lol, Thanks, and it\'s a habit you must get out of! lol The sequel should be up soon :D

2007.07.13 - 12:45PM
2: Chapter 2


And. Did we get this sequel yet? :S


2007.07.13 - 12:44PM
1: Chapter 1




Author's Response: xD ILY2 and thanks :D I\'ll post the sequel soon

2007.07.13 - 09:43AM
1: Chapter 1

Its a good story, my only issue is with the horror movie writing.

I'm not saying its bad I just don't like to see or read about gorey horror movies....its makes me shiver with fear. Which means you're doing a good job at describing what they are seeing.

I'd like to see more of what the Doctor and Rose are doing in reaction to the film.
Or instead of watching

Overall great job.

Author's Response: Thank you, there\'s only one more chapter to go and a sequel and i\'ll try and put more of a reaction from them into the next chapter :) I\'m Glad you like it

2007.07.13 - 08:14AM
1: Chapter 1


I like this, but then why wouldn't I?

One thing, apart from Tardis like I already said... I need to know... do we get a lot of fluff? Please say we do! :D

Author's Response: Yes, we get a bit more fluff :D Thanks for your review, and I\'ll change what you mentioned about the TARDIS :D Thanks again, ly xx