Reviews For The Hidden Well

2008.01.13 - 06:56AM
29: Chapter 29

My goodness, that last part with Jonah and Emelia is so simply written but so powerful.

Author's Response: Thank you.

2008.01.12 - 03:36PM
29: Chapter 29

Touching moment with Jonah ... and the Doctor does so love to show someone how nifty everything is, doesn't he?

Author's Response: He does, absolutely!

2008.01.12 - 03:20AM
29: Chapter 29

Great! Pleased for Emelia and loved Showoff!Doctor :-)

Author's Response: He loves it, too.

2008.01.11 - 08:47PM
29: Chapter 29

Go Doctor! Go Doctor! He needs someone to find him "so impressive" from time to time...


Author's Response: He does rather enjoy that, yes.

2008.01.11 - 08:38PM
29: Chapter 29

Great chapter! I know he might be showing off a bit, but I loved how nice the Doctor was to Meg. And what a lovely scene with Jonah and Emelia! thank you!

Author's Response: Meg is (as he noted) someone special, or at least she will be.