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were_lemur2012.03.29 - 12:37AM1: The Persistence of MemorySigned

Lullabee2007.10.06 - 02:53PM1: The Persistence of MemorySigned
You know, it took me until I'd finished the story until I realized it was all in the second person. It really just flows... It's sort of like having a dream about being somebody else, and knowing you're not that other person, but it's sort of like there's just a thin little barrier separating you and the person you're being.

Just enough that it you don't get squicked overmuch by things.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad it worked for you.

Fer de Lance2007.09.20 - 07:51PM1: The Persistence of MemorySigned
Whoa, that's just what I've been longing for in a Doctor/Master fic. Thank you for not de-aging the Doctor. I'm quiet fond of Master/aged Doctor.

Best line in a fic ever.

-"If someone like me were serenading me with Leonard Cohen songs, I'd have my cock out already. Where'd you learn your manners?"

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought it was a little heavy-handed myself. But then, the Master can be. I write a lot of my fic as response or counterpoint to the fic everyone else is writing; I wrote this because everyone was de-aging him and, though the stories were good, I had a real problem with that.

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