Reviews For From On High...

2010.05.29 - 07:52AM
1: Chapter 1

haha i love this one, david is really tall! im only 5foot 2/3

2010.02.17 - 02:06PM
1: Chapter 1

aww poor bloke.
av guy in my form is so tall he near hits his head on the door. when our teacher measured him inbiology she had to stand on her toes. AND she was in heels!!!

Author's Response: lol Thanks. I suffer from towering over most of humanity myself, so this was really easy to write.

2008.04.15 - 06:02PM
1: Chapter 1

that was GREAT!!!!
luv them all

Author's Response: Thankee. =)

2007.07.05 - 12:10AM
1: Chapter 1

I almost have to feel bad for the Doctor next season. Almost. I love the guy, but watching him get abused is going to be so very much fun.

Author's Response: Oh isn\'t it going to be fun!