Reviews For Lonely

2007.07.04 - 07:21AM
3: Chapter 3

Oh lovely! Just lovely!

2007.07.04 - 01:16AM
1: Chapter 1

Very good characterizations. Looking forward to more

2007.07.03 - 05:32AM
2: Chapter 2

*claps* Great stuff! Loved the parts about her belonging to him and the endless talking. And what a place to leave it! Talk about cruel, lol, hope you update it soon

2007.07.03 - 05:27AM
1: Chapter 1

That's actually really lovely and very, very true. No matter who he's with there'll always be that small part of him that will constantly be alone. Great stuff

2007.07.03 - 12:20AM
1: Chapter 1

very nice, please write more. :D