Reviews For Doctor.

2009.01.17 - 10:19PM
1: Doctor.

Brillant, this fic is great. Three words, they could go on many differnet roads, meaning so many different things, but they may all be the same.

Author's Response: Thanks. Also.. It\'s really quick to read!

2007.07.03 - 10:37AM
1: Doctor.

Definitely the most thought-provoking and inspiring piece you have done. Very detailed and yet short, and I love the way it can mean so much and so little at the same time.

It also raises the question as to who is saying this phrase and who too. Also, why? Why are they saying this phrase?

It could be summing up someone’s feelings, or thoughts towards another person, object or situation. Most likely situation.

I overall enjoyed this piece as it has inspired me and helped nudge me out of my writer’s block.

Thank you for adding this story to the universe. You are truly a great writer.

Author's Response: Some call me a great writer, some call me inspiring, some even call me a genius. But personally I believe I am a fool. Thank you.

2007.07.02 - 02:39PM
1: Doctor.

*grin* This is amusing, though would probably be funnier in a long fic as a stand-alone chapter, just to tease people. (O.O Idea time!)

Author's Response: It could mean... anything.