Reviews For Phlogiston

2010.10.22 - 05:32PM
1: Phlogiston

You are incredible! Horrifying and ecstatic all at once. I love this.

2007.09.18 - 04:45AM
1: Phlogiston

Brilliant. Just my kind of sick ;) I mean that in a good way!

2007.06.29 - 10:22AM
1: Phlogiston

That was...really well done. Very well written and strongly carried.

2007.06.29 - 07:45AM
1: Phlogiston

Woah! That's completely insane! Yet brilliant! Eeeksh!

2007.06.29 - 06:35AM
1: Phlogiston

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

That's beautiful.

Especially that bit at the end. Just stunning.

2007.06.29 - 06:00AM
1: Phlogiston


That's fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. No one gets to play on my pc this without reading that this weekend.

2007.06.29 - 01:59AM
1: Phlogiston

That was amazing! Really, some of the best fanfic I've read. So detailed, and such a fantastic idea. Great work!!!

Author's Response: Thank youuu!

2007.06.29 - 01:43AM
1: Phlogiston

OH MY GOD! eep.

Author's Response: I told you it was fucked up! :-)