Reviews For Complicity

2016.04.15 - 05:07PM
1: Complicity

Gorgeous. I loved this line. ...but it was all right because the darkness was familiar, was his.

2015.03.25 - 11:19AM
1: Complicity

Oh - happy sighs here... such is their love...

2009.01.06 - 05:29AM
1: Complicity

Anyone else going to miss ten - thank Rassilon for these stories! Very *nice* story - I love the 10/Rose couplings - I may need to borrow the fire extinguisher as well! And from the sounds of that story the Doctor could teach JACK a thing or two! ;-)

Author's Response: Heh. Thank you! :)

2008.10.22 - 09:39PM
1: Complicity

That was very cute.. and hot. Did I mention hot? ;-)

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks.

2008.05.30 - 06:09AM
1: Complicity

Very, very, very nice and hot. and delicious :D

Might want to check your Authors Notes though - it cuts out midway through a sentence.

Author's Response: Thanks -- and for the tip, too.

2007.07.12 - 07:53AM
1: Complicity

Loved the way this began in the middle of it all (I was going to say 'in the thick of it'.. but maybe not!) It had a lovely intimacy about it.

Author's Response: ... in the thick of it ... ::sporfle::

2007.07.11 - 04:18AM
1: Complicity

Love it, really good and well written. It's going in my faves lol

Author's Response: Thanks :)

2007.06.29 - 09:38PM
1: Complicity

A nice piece...always a pleasure to visit your Rose & Doctor clinches.

Author's Response: Thanks.

2007.06.27 - 02:38PM
1: Complicity

'Thou art to me a delicious torment.' Did Jack teach him anything?? LOL, very good and making the room feel hot... XD very sweet.

Author's Response: I think he was paying attention to Jack, regardless of what he may have implied. :)

2007.06.27 - 01:16AM
1: Complicity

I think my laptops on fire. Thanks

Author's Response: ::hands out fire extinguisher::

2007.06.26 - 10:21PM
1: Complicity

Lovely! Great story! Very sexy and very sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.06.26 - 09:28PM
1: Complicity

Oh, that was nice. The Doctor's a bit of a naughty boy, isn't he?

Author's Response: Quite right.