Reviews For Recollection

2008.08.10 - 12:23PM
1: Chapter 1

THAT is how it should be! Jamie is like a son to the Doctor and should have stayed with him! :)

2007.09.03 - 01:33AM
1: Chapter 1

That is EXACTLY what happened. End of story. ;)

Author's Response: :D Yay fanon! Glad you liked.

2007.06.26 - 10:25PM
1: Chapter 1

.. how did you not ever show me this? ARE YOU HOLDING OUT ON ME WHAT THE HELL.

Author's Response: I quote from Two Love: kirgrhghyiqoaihqaohdf YAY. - Van Donovan 2006.09.30

2007.06.21 - 09:39PM
1: Chapter 1

Go, Jamie! Knew those stodgy old &%*$& couldn't make you forget the Doc! :D

Author's Response: Jamie\'s hearts for Two > Time Lords, oh yes!

2007.06.21 - 06:29PM
1: Chapter 1

I really, really want to believe that. Jamie forever!

Author's Response: Me too! Oh, so much. Thanks for commenting. :)