2009.12.27 - 04:56PM
1: ...

sad but wonderfull!

2008.08.24 - 10:29AM
1: ...

You've knocked the breath out of me. Wow.

2008.08.07 - 03:12AM
1: ...

It's wonderfully written, but it really really hurts!

2007.08.31 - 06:31AM
1: ...

That was scarily good.....I feel like crying now.

Why isn't there an opinion of story that says loved it?

2007.06.19 - 03:14PM
1: ...

god i feel like i want to cry now. this is so beautifully done and i guess it needed 2 b done no matter how much we love jack :'( x brilliant piece of writing tho

2007.06.19 - 01:40AM
1: ...

Wow. That was...just...wow. I'm speechless. That was beautiful. Really well done.

Author's Response: thank you :) *hugs*

2007.06.19 - 12:45AM
1: ...

Beautifully done; I think you'll understand why I react to it in much the same fashion your Doctor reacted to your Jack. Excellent, and horrible.

Author's Response: Thank you! *hugs*

2007.06.18 - 11:07PM
1: ...

You have me crying right now. I feel sad fo both of them. A wonderful piece of writing.

Author's Response: I\'m afraid I did sniff a bit myself when it crawled onto the page. *hugs*

2007.06.18 - 09:13PM
1: ...

Wonderful. Dark, but so very real. Sweet and sad - no other way it should be.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It was hard to do but it wouldn\'t let me sleep.

2007.06.18 - 08:28PM
1: ...

Wow. Can't believe you went there, but I'm glad you did. Well done.

Author's Response: I didn\'t so much go there as be dragged by things more powerful than me. Thank you

2007.06.18 - 06:11PM
1: ...

Wowa... 0o0... so dark... so sad... but so very beautiful at the same time. This is a brilliant piece of writing, it captures and portrays emotion perfectly.

Author's Response: thank you :)

Author's Response: .... *hugs and love *