Reviews For Love and Hate

2008.01.20 - 03:05PM
26: Chapter 26

I glad that Rose and the Doctor have finally managed to find happiness without anyone trying to destroy or split them up...if its only for a while.

What is Dextor upto now?

I wouldn't mind a sequel either.

Author's Response: Sorry couldnt possibly tell you that now could I? :D I\'m thinking sometime soon, I will write a sequel to this. When I get around to it, that is. LOL :)

2008.01.18 - 05:45PM
26: Chapter 26

*Gulps* Erm... Where to start?!?!

Rose & Doctor: YAY! HAPPINESS!! (for now at least) I just love a loved up 10th and Rose lol! They're sooooooo cute!! :D

Jackie: Hands off Jack, he's MINE *smiles innocently*

Dexter: *Screams* Leave. Them. Alone!

Brilliant! Fantastic! Perfect! All of those wonderful things! :D

Please please please write an amazing sequel! Would it help if I could send 10 round to your house? Hmm? lol!

Author's Response: Erm well, that would help quite a bit yeah! LOL I\'m really thinking hard about that sequel.... more on the definitive positive side of things though! I\'m really glad you enjoyed IAmADalek! Once again, what can I say...? Thank you so much for your brilliant and much appreciated comments. :)

2007.12.23 - 06:01PM
25: Chapter 25

Thank god Rose is out of harms way for now.What will the Doctor do to his brother? Because surely he can't have Dextor running around and unchecked now as it will never be over for Rose otherwise..

The Master keeps surprising us again.

Author's Response: Well you\'ll all just have to wait and see for what the Doc chooses to do over his brother I\'m afraid, I\'m not saying a thing. Don\'t you just love the Master, he can be pure evil and downright cruel in one moment and the next all amused and excited! He\'s a complete mystery.... :)

2007.12.22 - 03:52PM
25: Chapter 25

This is totally weird... but I actually started to like the Master. And Dextor... I felt kinda sorry for him. I believe he truly loved Rose, but went about it the wrong way, and just didn't know when to give up. :)

*is looking forward to the next chapter*

Author's Response: I think you got it about right with Dextor, he does love Rose but is completely going about it the wrong way. As for the Master, well our opinions tend to go up and down where it concerns him. Thanks! ;)

2007.12.22 - 03:03PM
25: Chapter 25

YAY! Another chapter!!

Thank god Rose is back and (relatively) safe. Whats going to happen to the Master now? And Dextor? The Doctor wont let his psychopathic brother wander around after what he did to Rose...

Loves it!! :D :D

Author's Response: Big whoops for Rose everybody! All will be revealed in the last chapter.... Thanks! *Blushes* You\'re brilliant you are! :)

Zen Clarke
2007.12.10 - 06:01PM
24: Chapter 24

1) Somehow, I think the Master will behave himself. Or at least he should...*waves rifel threateningly*

2) Jack and the Doctor better get there SOON!!!!!!!!

and finally

3) I hope Dextor gets every single bit of punishment he diserves from the Doctor. Yeah. Incase you're wondering, I used to have a jacket that had Tweety Bird in the corner of it with an angry look and flames behind her, and the words "Hot Temper," on it. I have a VERY bad temper. >:(

Author's Response: Firstly sounds like a kool jacket... Can I have one please? LOL And secondly yeah after everything Dextor really does deserve all things coming his way right now. As you say, the Master hopefully will behave himself.... Let\'s all hope so anyway.... Thanks! ;)

Zen Clarke
2007.12.10 - 05:45PM
23: Chapter 23

I'm a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle confused at the beggining. Did I miss something? But anyway, Dextor just doesn't GET IT, does he? The more a guy forces himself on the girl, the more she backs away. Most girls don't like being told what to do; thank you very much, we got enough of that crap back in da day. You can't MAKE somebody fall in love with you -- and ya know what, I don't think -- no, I KNOW -- he doesn't even really love her, because loving someone means willing to LET GO! He just doesn't get it. *pulls out rifel* Dex, I'm on the rifel team. You might wanna BACK DOWN NOW!!!!!!! *loads pellet* It might not kill you, but hey, at least it'll injure you if I shoot you with enough of them! *is pretty angry*

Author's Response: He can\'t take a hint. He\'s pretty much deluded himself now, gone off the rails per say. Dextor better watch his back that\'s all I\'ll say. Thanks Zen! ;)

2007.12.09 - 03:30PM
24: Chapter 24

Rose locked in a closet with the Master,not sure I like that one bit.Where the hell are Jack and the Doctor?

Author's Response: Jack and the Doctor... well there erm, searching in other areas of the hotel I think... funny how the Master found her and not the others ain\'t it? LOL. Thanks! :)

2007.12.09 - 03:14PM
24: Chapter 24

1 - I'm so glad Rose knows how to use her knees lol

2 - I don't trust the Master as far as I can throw him

3 - I'm actually scared for Dextors life

and 4 - as much as I love this stories and as much as I love you for writing this stories (and ALL of your others)... You are bloody evil! Get Rose to the Doctor and then tell us what happens to Dextor!!!! lol!

Can you tell I'm impatient for what Dextor REALLY deserves??? Hmm???

Great update!! Thank you SOOO much for posting!! :D (sorry bout the list lol!)

Author's Response: 1. Yep that girl really can LOL 2. Well problem is nobody ever can, he always seems to have the ulterior motive. 3. I definantly agree with you for this one! 4. Sorry can\'t really apologise for the clifhangers on my fics, I love them way too much to ever think about giving them up. Makes things just that little bit more exciting don\'tcha think? Dextor will get his just desserts don\'t you worry, couldnt possibly tell you when and how though! LOL Thanks for the review, its lovely to find your reviews waiting for me when I log into my area. Thank you soooo much for reviewing! :P

2007.11.27 - 04:08AM
23: Chapter 23

Oh my God! NO!!!!!!! Please let the Doctor and Jack get there in time!

Author's Response: I completely agree LOL ;)

2007.11.26 - 05:10PM
23: Chapter 23

No,no,no Rose might be confused but that's definately not what she wants Dextor.Jack,Doctor move your butts pronto before Dextor can do lasting damage to Rose both physically and mentally.

Author's Response: Yep yep. Rose is in a spot of trouble right now I\'d say. Just a hint, don\'t forget about Jamie...... of course, that wasnt a little preview or anything... well not really *eyes shift* Thanks! ;)

2007.11.26 - 03:49PM
23: Chapter 23

.... o_O... Please... Update... NOOOOWWW!!!

How dare you Dexter??!! Oh the Doctor is sooo gonna kill you when Rose tells him/he finds out what Dexter's done/going to do to Rose!! GAH!!


Author's Response: I second that. What will happen next? Hmmm... oh I do love my cliffhangers.... *Laughs evilly* ;)

2007.11.12 - 10:14AM
22: Chapter 22

Poor Rose. It's not like she has much of a choice. But I'd be out of te bathrom window while he was distracted if I were her. I'm sure she's had experience climbing down drainpipes...

And I like the Master at the moment. He's quite funny.

Anyway, I have to go catch up on everything else here :D

Author's Response: Rose really has the disadvantage in this whole situation to be honest. All this male attention surely is getting a little much for her.... it would anyone I think. The Master, I love the Master, I really do. He\'s the perfect balance of everything you want. Good luck with the whole catching up thing! ;)

2007.11.12 - 10:06AM
21: Chapter 21

Sorry! I haven't had the time to go on the internet until recently, and this is the first story I've read :)

And I'm not happy with Dextor. Couldn't be further from it...

Author's Response: Glad your back! I don\'t think anyone\'s particularly happy with him at the moment! ;)

Zen Clarke
2007.11.11 - 04:39PM
22: Chapter 22

*raises hand* *raises hand* *crickets* *stares at you* Anyway, raise your hand if you watch Smallville! *raises hand* Raise your hand if you hate Lana! *raises hand* -_- Raise your hand if Rose is making you Lana haters think of Lana! *raises her own hand* Dude...ett. Rose. Bub. Never thought I'd say this to you...but...ERG! *slaps* You don't even DESERVE the Doctor! Yo! Doc, go...find Gwen or Tosh or Shareen or something. *gets idea* Or maybe even Joan or Reinette!

Lana: Wow...she must really be mad if she just told the Doctor to go out with her two least favorite DW characters who ever made a hit on the Doctor.

Author's Response: LOL Well I think Rose better start behaving like a good girl and settle for which one she really wants to be with. You\'ve gotta\' give her some sympathy they look exactly the bloody same.... But I see your point. *Slaps Rose* Listen to Zen!! Thanks! ;)