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2013.12.05 - 08:36PM
9: Waking

Wonderful story! I noted your comments about not liking to write smut and how long it took. This is a new favorite because it was so real. Not purple with that language people so often use when writing about sexual intimacy. Not over the top and lacking reality. Not even pornographic. It was so organic and so real that I could see it in my mind's eye. Very hot! Excellent writing. I look forward to discovering more!!

2013.06.14 - 11:52PM
9: Waking

re: before the first water hit the floor of the stall.

Wonder if there's an energy leveling thing going on bring them into balance with each other in other ways.

2013.06.14 - 08:55PM
4: Pain

Powerful. If I had to sum this up in one word, POWERFUL is the word I'd use. We need more of these...because it provides a reason, a good, understandable reason for Bad Wolf and what it did to Jack and they could stay...keep staying.

2010.05.15 - 12:56PM
9: Waking

Very nice :) And I must say I really like your Rose. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series :)

2009.11.15 - 02:43PM
1: Tension

Wow another Jack Rose Doctor writer and a very good one too. IT was lovely the tension between them all and the physical build up to forming the link and afterwards. Of course the sex was fantastic but agree when others say its not just that component but the whole threads pulled together. I am definitely off to read a few more of your stories

Author's Response: Thank you! Since writing the characters (not the sex -- the sex is there to expand/illuminate the characters) is my main concern with these stories, I\'m really glad that part works for you.

2008.09.09 - 10:18PM
9: Waking

Really a nice little story. You may be uncomfortable with righting smut but you do it nicely. Don't stop.

Of course, smut is only really good as part of an important story, surrounded by people. Stories that make the characters nothing but life support systems for genitalia leave me cold and BORE me. This was powerful stormy trouble kept under excellent control. Very Good Writing.

Oh, and about the shower. Everyone loves shower sex.

Author's Response: Actually, if it isn\'t TMI, I\'ve *personally* had bad luck with shower sex (slippery tile + distraction + height differences is not a good combo, though major injury was fortunately avoided), but the *idea* of it is wonderfully sexy. :D Thanks for the kind words about my smut -- I really agree that it\'s important to make the characters central, rather than the sex. Glad you enjoyed!

2008.05.25 - 10:12AM
1: Tension

This whole series is magnificent, but I keep coming back to re-read this particular story. You have *nailed* the characters and their voices.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you like it -- and I\'m really pleased to hear the characters ring true to you. Thank you for reviewing!!

2008.04.24 - 11:04AM
9: Waking

Delightful. ^-^

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

2008.02.26 - 12:50AM
1: Tension

Have I really not reviewed this? *shock* Read the whole series a little more than a month ago. Love it. I've reread it a few times, actually. I really like chapter 4 - hitting rock bottom, but keep going.

And of course afterward they're all happy together, which is great.

Author's Response: Thanks! Appreciate the review . . . and I meant it when I said \"happy endings\" in the series summary. ;)

2008.01.29 - 05:01PM
1: Tension

Just wanted to drop you a review, as it were, to tell you I reread this during a particularly trying day at work, and it brightened the atmosphere immeasurably. Your writing, the OT3 you write about so beautifully, the lovely should be reminded at regular intervals about what a fine writer you are! Thanks again for writing this!

Author's Response: Awwww . . . *Blushes big time!* Thanks. I\'m being slow to respond here, but that really made my day when I read it. :)

2007.11.09 - 06:01PM
9: Waking

That was a pretty great ending ;)

Loved the story. Not usually my thing, with the Doctor... Nine is probably my exception to the No Sex in the TARDIS rule. Ten, when he's behaving himself, sometimes, maybe. But still. Despite my conflicting feelings, you made me really love this story.

Author's Response: I take it as a great compliment that you enjoyed this, even if it isn\'t your \"thing.\" Thanks, and I hope the rest of the Bliss!verse continues to entertain. :)

2007.11.09 - 05:52PM
7: Healing

Very nice, I must admit. The playfulness of Jack is a very nice counterpoint to the Doctor's more serious demeanor, and Rose just acts as a perfect balance between the two.

Wait, am I talking about the show, or this chapter? Both I guess? :)

Well done.

Author's Response: The Nine/Jack/Rose dynamic in the series was so wonderful, I wish it could have gone on longer!! This is just my attempt to prolong the fun. Thank you!

2007.11.09 - 05:32PM
5: Interlude

Makes me really curious what that article was about - the url is no longer active though.

Again, beautiful.

Author's Response: Hm. The article was about synesthesia; I\'ll see if I can dig up another, more permanent one.

2007.11.09 - 05:28PM
4: Pain

Oh, Nine. Nine, you are the uber-woobie.

This is beautiful. I don't usually like the sexualized OT3, nor themes of suicide and that sort of thing in my Doctor Who, but for this one I may well be making an exception. It's wonderful so far.

Author's Response: LOL! Great description of Nine, yes. Honestly, the Nine/Jack/Rose sexual OT3 isn\'t always necessarily *my* thing, depending on how it\'s handled. Glad you like my version. And suicide is less a theme than an understanding of how it feels to hit rock bottom, and still keep going . . . which is a little different. Thanks!

2007.09.14 - 01:50AM
9: Waking

That was really great! I loved the whole story! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you! :D