2014.03.19 - 01:33AM
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Histarical!Good Job!

2014.02.28 - 04:28PM
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this is really funny. Well done!

2014.02.24 - 03:01PM
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This is so brilliant. This poor poor scarf, nobody thinks of it XD

2014.02.23 - 08:31PM
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Teehee! I love the anthropomorphization here. Well done.

2014.02.23 - 02:33AM
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LOL! (Here via Calufrax).

2009.03.10 - 04:44PM
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Cute! You know, it seems that the more the Fourth doctor goes crazy, the more we like him! Favorited!

2007.06.03 - 08:25PM
1: Chapter 1

-burst out laughing- there's so many scarfv stories on today. There should be a new genre made for the scarf: scarf!fic, stories told by or revolving around the scarf... (and of all scarf!fic, this is the best. In the shower... tehe!)

2007.06.03 - 07:49PM
1: Chapter 1

This was SO funny I loved it!

2007.06.03 - 04:02PM
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I never laughed so hard when reading humour;s fics, but this was just too funny. XD

2007.06.03 - 02:08PM
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*ROFL* I seriously love you! I'd quote, but I'd end up with the whole thing here. :P Thank you for making my evening a whole lot brighter!!

2007.06.03 - 02:01PM
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You're insanely crazy!!! I love this! :D
[love it] {------- love it button
And the bit about being used as a bath toy! LOL! You have to do more of these little fics!

2007.06.03 - 01:13PM
1: Chapter 1

This is so funny! And it's from the point of view of the Doctor's scarf which is just slightly bizarre.

2007.06.03 - 12:50PM
1: Chapter 1

This is hysterical. Seriously, great job! Poor scarf!! I especially like the part about the doctor not carrying a rope like a "sensible madman", and how he showered with the scarf until a companion put a stop to it. Hilarious!