Reviews For Z is for Zoo

2010.10.25 - 11:37PM
1: Chapter 1

Great story. Loved the description of us. Lol.

2007.06.25 - 12:02PM
1: Chapter 1

Loved it! It was funny and well written! Nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D

2007.05.31 - 02:14PM
1: Chapter 1

Very cute and funny story! You got a good sense of humour that comes out in your stories, keep it up! ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you! I have a dark, twisted, sadistic sense of humor. It always seems to come out, even in school essays.

2007.05.31 - 05:56AM
1: Chapter 1

Really Rose, you're locked in a cage, and all you do is watch television!
Liked this story, it was really funny! Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet!

Author's Response: I know! (although I\'d probably just watch TV too...) I\'m really glad you enjoyed it, I tried to go with something a bit more entertaining than my usual smut. ^^;

2007.05.30 - 09:09PM
1: Chapter 1

Love it. This is priceless: "television... a low level invention which projects images and sound onto a screen and into their minds, thus leaving them incapably of individual thought or ideas." Depends on the show I guess.

Author's Response: It does, and the person watching I think. I\'m glad you liked it, thank you!

2007.05.30 - 09:00PM
1: Chapter 1

Funny and sweet. Nice work.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.05.30 - 05:40PM
1: Chapter 1

This was funny. I'm doing a Talk at Edinburgh Zoo next week so hope I don't end up as an exhibit. That is unlesss the Doctor can come and rescue me too LOL. Nice story hope you write more soon.

Author's Response: haha! Good luck with that! I think we\'d all love the Doctor to come and rescue us. ;) Thank you very much, I will as soon as I can.