Reviews For Dancing

2007.09.10 - 08:04PM
1: Dancing

Yay!!! Loved it!!

2007.08.05 - 11:52PM
1: Dancing

I've loved this series, and this one was so very very hot.. I hope you plan on updating with another!! I have to know what happens!! Even though I know there will most likely be much shagging, hehehe ;-D

2007.05.29 - 10:55PM
1: Dancing

You are all kinds of evil... so you had better continue this or you won't get a cookie!

2007.05.29 - 07:50AM
1: Dancing

“No, no, no!” Rose almost sobbed against him. “Not now! Why now?!”

I couldn't agree with her more. :P You are very evil. Great update.

2007.05.29 - 06:53AM
1: Dancing

Very hot and romantic dance. You leave me as frustrated as D/R. Update so, please. (Hope you head feels better.)

2007.05.29 - 06:42AM
1: Dancing

Sore heads are a pain - I get them too - hope your feeling better. This was a beautiful dance - ithe Doctor and Rose moved along wiht the tempo fo teh song getting in deeper and moving faster - damned hot. Trust the TARDIS alarms to start sounding just when... awe well hope they both get what they desire soon - frustrating or what?

2007.05.29 - 06:38AM
1: Dancing


Now that's more like it.

Please, Please, Please update soon.......