Reviews For Deciphered

2007.05.28 - 01:18PM
1: Deciphered

You little tease. More and hopefully it will bring some relief not just to your readers but to the Doctor and Rose too VBG.

2007.05.28 - 05:48AM
1: Deciphered

I'm glad there's more of this, because you can't leave it there!

2007.05.27 - 12:39AM
1: Deciphered

Frustration doesn't cover it. More. Please.

Author's Response: I\'ve started writing on the sequel. It will be up sometime tonight. Big thanks from me to all of you who has reviewed this story. I\'m glad you enjoy my writings and I hope you\'ll all come back for more. :)

2007.05.26 - 09:43PM
1: Deciphered

Absolutely frustrating! But in a good way. :)

2007.05.26 - 08:14PM
1: Deciphered

Oh come on that was just mean

but in a good way

2007.05.26 - 07:31PM
1: Deciphered

oooh thats cruel, please please write a sequel

2007.05.26 - 05:22PM
1: Deciphered

OMG! You are evil! You CANNOT leave it there!!! Must....have.....more...damnit!!!!

Author's Response: Muahahaha!!!