Reviews For Someday

2009.03.21 - 01:32AM
1: Someday

Corr, seriously sexy. I do believe this calls for a sequel or two.

Regardless, this was a bloody amazing story, even by itself. The Dcotor is such a cocktease.


2007.10.10 - 12:32AM
1: Someday

hot! pls keep writing, i want to know how they get to "someday" and what happens then :)

2007.05.28 - 01:49PM
1: Someday

Oh this was wicked and very hot from both the Doctors and Jacks POV. VBG perfect and hope you write more.

2007.05.26 - 12:30AM
1: Someday

Fantabulous! Can't wait to read more. Anything with Jack in it makes me happy. Keep up the good work!

2007.05.25 - 05:36PM
1: Someday

Damn, that is so hot!!

2007.05.25 - 02:44PM
1: Someday

Wow...just, wow...

Hot. Very Hot!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. :)