Reviews For Sparks

2008.12.09 - 02:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Impressive, really impressive. Great work. Thank you)

2007.05.27 - 06:33AM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful imagery that conveyed the spark of a special relationship being formed.

I love the scene where Rose and the Doctor watch the debris of the earth float past. It is the silence that makes the moment for me more poignant then the Doctor reaches out, takes Rose’s hand in his and softly requests “Come with me.”
Now you’ve given me my own plot bunny LOL.

Hope you write more soon.

2007.05.26 - 10:26AM
1: Chapter 1

Posting at 2:00 am is always a dicey proposition, fraught with peril!

I'm mainly back to feed carrots to your corset smut bunny. Nine's "mustn't" impulse just has too many challenges when confronted with a corset. Here, bunnybunnybunny... And some nice, yummy clover, too.

2007.05.25 - 06:38PM
1: Chapter 1

Awe inspireingly beautiful. Your visauls are wonderful. I can relive each scene. I hope you write more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I hope I write more, too. I\'m just trying to ease back into it so I can finish my WIPs!

2007.05.25 - 04:02PM
1: Chapter 1

This is really beautifully done. I do think the connection was forged very quickly, they had this tremendous closeness and awareness of each other from the beginning, but that was exactly the moment when I realized the story was going to be deeper than the usual DW fare. It makes sense that the characters did, too.

I'm just not sure why this is tagged as Tenth Doctor, or at least not both Nine and Ten? It just seems 99% Nine...

Author's Response: It was definitely supposed to be tagged as Ninth Doctor, but that\'s what happens when I post at 2am. I\'m so glad you enjoyed it!

2007.05.25 - 12:58PM
1: Chapter 1

So many wonderful lines!

she’d just been one more fragile human that he was determined to keep alive as penance for the death he’d wrought in his lifetime.

that brief foray into Jackie Tyler’s home had felt more like observing strange, interesting lab rats running amok in their cage.

And, of course:

It had been that quiet moment when she stood with her hand in his, watching her world shatter and gleaning the tiniest bit of understanding of what it meant to be the last of one’s kind.

*sob* Poor Doctor! Glorious fic, really.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!!! But yeah, it\'s bittersweet, isn\'t it? Nothing\'s quite the same without her, is it?

2007.05.25 - 09:32AM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful in its simplicity. Your words always flow so perfectly. It is wonderful to read a new fic from you. Your work has been sorely missed.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, love!!! Hopefully you\'ll so more of it over the course of the summer. It\'s good to be back!

2007.05.25 - 07:45AM
1: Chapter 1

You're back !!!! Yea

That visual of the Doctor and Rose in front of the burning planet has always been one of my favorite visuals from the new Who. I think you captured the emotion perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! That\'s one of my all-time favs, too. I\'m so glad you enjoyed it. :)

2007.05.25 - 07:24AM
1: Chapter 1

This is lovely *sigh* Ah, Nine, how I miss you... :) *favourites*

Author's Response: I know it. I love Ten, but there\'s something irreplacable about Nine... Glad you liked!!!!

2007.05.25 - 07:08AM
1: Chapter 1

You're not gone! Yay! You know, I think you did actually pin pont the exact moment. He was quite different towards her after that.

I think the exact moment he realized he was attracted to her physically was when she came out of the wardrobe room in a Victorian evening gown. I think Nine has a bit of a kinky side for corsets. ;)

Author's Response: I\'m not gone! Just wandered off for a bit. ;) Thanks for the comment and dang it if you didn\'t give me a little smutty plot bunny...

2007.05.25 - 03:58AM
1: Chapter 1

A lovely piece of introspection - I like that it's left up for us to decide when he is having these thoughts - pre or post losing her. *favs*

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you enjoyed it! I had actually thought of it as the opening to a one-shot, longer fic, but a little birdie told me it did well just as it was!

2007.05.25 - 02:14AM
1: Chapter 1

That is so... beautiful. Just... beautiful. Beautiful. I know I've repeated myself now but I'm honestly speechless except for that one word... *adds to favourites*
P.S. Just to let you know, you've posted the story twice! But it's still... beautiful. *sighs*

Author's Response: Thanks for the head\'s up! I hadn\'t realized until I read your review. And thank you for that! Reviews are love and I\'m so glad you enjoyed the piece!!

2007.05.25 - 01:42AM
1: Chapter 1

one word- beautiful

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much!