2013.11.05 - 10:17AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

i enjoyed this. I always thought the actual scene itself could have been better, Tom seems to fluff his lines but you've taken that potential and with the hindsight of the new series given it a more powerful resonance.

2010.12.11 - 12:24PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

I love this. I really, truly LOVE this story. It's powerful and gorgeous and bittersweet.
I notice that a lot of reviewers have mentioned the possibility of The Woman being Romana. As a rule, I do not like this possibility because it cancels out the idea of the soon-to-appear Idris being Romana. However, something about this fic makes me like the idea, strangely enough, if only just for a moment. I'm not sure why. I really don't know.

Thank you for this beautiful, tragic piece of fiction, and I look forward to reading more of your work as soon as I stop procrastinating and finish my term paper so that I can enjoy your writing guilt-free. ;)

Author's Response: Ah, the trials of term papers, yech. I wish you luck on that (and not wholly without ulterior motive because I\'ve been enjoying your recent Romana fics). I don\'t think that the Woman in White was Romana. I\'m quite convince that she was Susan. I like to think of Romana as the lone dissenter Rassilon\'s plan, the lady who got glove vaporised defending the right... of course, that\'s if I have to pick a person in EoT for Romana to be. I prefer my Romana vapourized mostly. Thanks for the absolutely wonderful and warm-fuzzy-bringing review.

2010.02.13 - 10:41AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

Wow. I love this, especially, as you pointed out, in the light of the latest special (because I firmly believe that the Woman in White was Romana. Or at least Susan). And I'm slightly in love with the Key to Time series too, so...thank you!

Author's Response: I firmly believe the woman in white was Susan *nods* and that the vaporized woman was Romana. The Key to Time is just epic, random, and fun. A very hard thing not to love. Thanks for the review!

2009.11.18 - 09:57PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

I have a confession to make -- I read this awhile ago and really liked it, but didn't leave a review. So, it's past time I told you how absolutely wonderful this story is. The entire thing is full of amazing phrases (and yes, I know the dialogue isn't yours, but you add to its resonance by what you put around it in the story), but I found the most powerful part to be this:

What are you? Killer or Coward?

Both this day.

Thank you (belatedly) for writing this.

Author's Response: You\'re welcome and thank you also. That last line... It was probably different the first time you read it, possibly, because I\'m bad at re-editing after I\'ve fiddled with that ending a few times now before settling. At the time this was just a filler piece, missing scene thing really, but looking back on it in light of the latest special *shudders*

2009.10.27 - 03:14PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

I thought I had reviewed this already but it seems I did not, I LOVE this the imagery you use of past and future blurring together as he holds the key is fantastic, and I may be alone in this but I find SHE to be a very powerful word and I think you wielded it with all its glory, good show, CP!

Author's Response: Pronouns are powerful. Innocuous, but filled with all these little implications, and maybes, all dependent on context and history and stuff. Hmm... got away from me a bit there. At least I didn\'t say wibbly-wobbly. Opps! Er... I\'m glad you enjoyed. It seemed like a gap that needed to be filled.

2009.10.26 - 11:11AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

just found this on the front page. Don't normally read outside of Nine or Ten (I know I know - I should) and this is the reason why I should... brilliant.

Author's Response: You should! You should! *holds up a miles long list of reasons why you should and fic to get you started on that* ;) I\'m glad that you enjoyed even though it\'s outside your usual genre of preference.

2009.05.04 - 10:23AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

Powerful story, very nicely done.

Author's Response: thank you

2009.05.03 - 10:31PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

This is very good. It's intense, the way only a good short short story can be.

Author's Response: I feel it is only fair at this point to point out that I didn\'t write any of the dialogue, so Bob Baker and Dave Martin who penned The Armageddon should be getting some credit, along with all of their script editors (I believe DNA was in that group), and, of course, Tom and Tamm for their excellent, fic-inspiring delivery. :)

2009.05.03 - 06:18PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

I wish that I could put into words how much this piece hit home with me. Reading your work, and even your profile, it's clear to me that we have extremely similar points of view on the Doctor Who universe. I am so jealous that I didn't write this; honestly, it's so "dead on" in my opinion, that I'm left with nothing but envy and admiration.

Author's Response: Which is exactly how I felt reading your Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey fic, so I\'m only glad that I can return the favour.

2009.05.02 - 04:18PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

I did always sort of wonder what was going on in the Doctor's mind at that moment... love your take on it!

Author's Response: Yeah, the flickering eyelids of creepy definitely inspired this; I just had to know what was happening behind them.

2009.05.02 - 02:35PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

So very haunting, and disturbing, and very much Four. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks!

2009.05.02 - 08:21AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

Very nice indeed, and I'm not sure if it is depressing; I mean, the Doctor makes the right choice, the positive choice, for better or worse, but it definitely seems as if the other choice would have been the worse one; absolute power corrupts absolutely and all that. Anyway, I very much enjoyed this, even if I am slightly ashamed that I only read it now because I saw it on Calufrax... ;D

Author's Response: Eeee... Now I\'ve an urge to take off with that idea and write a Dark!Four about what might have been *shudders* perhaps not, there are bunnies enough without venturing down that path.

2009.05.02 - 07:56AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

Here via Calufrax, and this is fantastic stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you *glows*

2009.05.02 - 04:54AM
1: "Because I can do anything"

... oh wow.

Excuse me a moment, I'm having some trouble breathing, here...

Author's Response: Eeee... *hands oxygen mask* I don\'t want to be blame for anyone\'s asphyxiation! thanks for the review

2009.03.22 - 07:05PM
1: "Because I can do anything"

Hi ClocketPatch, nice take on the NuWho line, "What are you? Killer or Coward?" So...do you think that the Doc, like all Time Lords/Ladies, could have seen the future at this point in his life? I never saw anything with Four except 4 City of Death, and so I don't really know. But nice fic! If I could rate, it'd be 5 stars.

Author's Response: Well, at that point in that particular story Four was holding this key-to-the-cosmos type artifact, and he was also acting very strangely. As always, thanks for the review!