2007.05.16 - 04:01PM
3: The Chase

Wow! Another great chapter!!! I give you the "loved it" opinion again! I think you should be veeerrrrrrryyyyy proud of this story. I think it's very well written!!! I would never be able to write like this, I just don't have the patience! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!! :D

Author's Response: Yay for the loved it opinion. [Love It] {------- Anyway, thank you so much, again. Awww, I should be very proud of it?! THANK YOU! I am actually quite proud of this chapter, come to think of it. I\'m sure you can write like this, if not better... if that sounded patronising don\'t sue me. It was meant to be encouraging and praising *shrugs* I really don\'t know what to say, apart from the obvious, which I\'ve already said. Oh well, I\'ll say it again! THANK YYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUU! New chapter coming soon...

2007.05.16 - 01:19PM
3: The Chase

That was one of the best chase scenes I've read on this site. Action packed, scary, emotional, what more could you want? Poor Isabel though! But good on her, managing to outsmart and outrun a Dalek! I like her!

Author's Response: Thank you SOOO much! The best? OMG, that is high praise! *dances around* Thank you, thank thank you, thank you thank, thank you thank thank you, thank you thank you! \'Gastapakarnak! Sorry.

2007.05.16 - 12:40PM
3: The Chase

Hurray for Isabel! Getting one over the Cult Of Skaro! Great chapter! Very action filled in a way? I'm sure R.T.D would be proud of you... he likes up and down stories! Anyway can't wait for more... and some more of Replaced! If you've got time please?

Author's Response: Yes, hurray for Isabel indeed. Learning from all the character deaths in \'Evolution of the Daleks\', I imagine it\'s quite hard to get one over the Cult of Skaro. Thanks for the comments. R.T.D. would be proud of me? Wow, I\'m honoured! And the \'up and down\' reference made me laugh - I\'m not sure if you meant it that way, but R.T.D. does seem to write stories with a lot of ascent and descent - eg. Rose, World War Three, The Long Game, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, New Earth, Tooth and Claw, Doomsday, The Runaway Bride and Gridlock! Spot the ascent and descent scenes in each one! :D And about the \'Replaced\' situation - I\'ve finished Chapter Five so that should be up tomorrow or the day after. Like it says on my author\'s note :-)