2007.05.14 - 02:19PM
2: Under the Sunglasses

Ohh! Creepy! I love it (there should really be a "loved it" opinion on this site! :D Sounds like this story's gunna be a great one!!! Better then Daleks in Manhattan! I too was really disappointed when Sec tried to turn himself into a human - it was a bit stupid. Especially the american accent!!! Update this asap! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I agree about the \'love it\' - that\'s what me and \'The oncoming storm\' have been trying to campaign for! Well, not really campaign. Pretend to campaign. Oh well, all big things start small :-) Oh, I totally agree with you on Daleks in Manhattan. And the american accent had me wetting myself with laughter. Took all the tension out of the episode :-( I will update soon, especially because of all these wonderful reviews!

2007.05.14 - 12:55PM
2: Under the Sunglasses

*Munches popcorn*
Ooh, this is epic-ky! And no sighting of the Doctor! Poor Monway!!!! He seemed quite a nice person :(
And the eyes... that's just weird. Spookily weird. I can't wait to find out why the Daleks are doing this!!!!

Author's Response: Woah, if you find this epic, then wait for the finale! The Doctor will be in Part Four. And I LOVE Monway! Well not that way... but it almost seems a shame that I made him into a Futureling. I quite liked his character... Hmm, you might have to wait a while to find out the reason for the Daleks\'... plan. But it will be worth the wait - I think it\'s one of their most ambitious so far. As I said. Yay! Oh yeah, and enjoy the popcorn ;-)

2007.05.14 - 12:44PM
2: Under the Sunglasses

Creepy!! Remeind me never go near a Dalek... that wants me to help then via sunglasses...

Apart from the sunglasses and eyes... which is my worse nightmare... no really it is! It was a good chapter! I can't wait for more! [Love It] {---------- Love it button. Also when Replaced gonna be up-dated? I really wanna know!! :)

Author's Response: Yes, I like a bit of creepy-ness-ness. Ness. Your worst nightmare?!!! Shish, I didn\'t mean it to be THAT creepy, LOL. I\'m glad you thought it was a good chapter. Yay for the love it button. I ...love... the love it button! Replaced should be updated soon, I have almost finished Chapter Five but I had this idea in the middle of it and I just HAD to write this first! But hey... such is life...