Reviews For Rescuing Jack

2007.07.16 - 06:23PM
21: A Helping Hand

I get to work with Daniel? Sweet-he's cute. XD

2007.06.30 - 11:38AM
1: Chapter 1- Bored...

Woah, freaky dudes in hoods! Hoodies!!!

haha, I'm writing the next chapter now! xD And Steph, get on MSN, now...


2007.06.30 - 11:29AM
15: Maybe a virus wasnt a good idea?

Oh, LOL. "Who the hell sent me a virus!?" indeed. :) On the downside, we're now surrounded by...freaky things in hoods. Which is bad. Meep.

2007.06.29 - 08:08PM
: None

very nice! I'm just gonna sit back and see where u guys take this.

2007.06.26 - 11:06PM
12: Chapter 12-Another new face

Sadly, your faithful Keelin can't add onto this round robin due to the fact that I haven't seen Torchwood yet, but feel free to use me in any chapters if you need someone to kill off. :)

2007.05.17 - 02:39PM
1: Chapter 1- Bored...

This is awesome-i love reunions!!

2007.05.16 - 01:31PM
5: Chapter 5 - Geeks and Pterodactyls.

Apart from dino poo im happy! :)

2007.05.13 - 02:40AM
2: Chapter 2 - Kidnapped?!

Oh, I do like reading fics. Especially random, hyper, RRs.

2007.05.12 - 04:22PM
2: Chapter 2 - Kidnapped?!

I am soooo not loud!!*begins to pout* This is gonna be another fun RR to add to! Lets go get Jack!

2007.05.12 - 02:02PM
2: Chapter 2 - Kidnapped?!

Sorry, but this is...remarkably unfunny.

2007.05.12 - 09:56AM
1: Chapter 1- Bored...

Speaking of Wii's I'm writing this on my Wii... YAY!!! I'm gonna add once I can shove my step-bro off the comp... or try my best at spelling everything? Great start a fave from me and a chapter soon from me. :P

Author's Response: Writing it on your Wii? Cool! =D Thankies!

2007.05.12 - 09:16AM
1: Chapter 1- Bored...

Wooo, I inspired this... *dances* I'm so awesome, i'm so awesome...

Author's Response: =D Yes, you are...