2007.05.07 - 02:48AM
1: Chapter 1

The crack, it burns my brain. XD I shouldn't read things like this at 1am. lmao.

Author's Response: I shouldn\'t *write* things like this at 1 AM -- except that, of course, it\'s actually quite good for me. =D Hee.

2007.05.07 - 02:23AM
1: Chapter 1

If I can stop laughing you might get a half decent review for this later down the line. But I'll probably never stop. Potty mouth? LMAO and I swear that I've heard this tea cosy mentioned elsewhere...

Author's Response: The Doctor\'s never had a potty mouth before, so it struck me as one of those things he might be holding out for -- like being ginger. I mentioned the Tea Cosy in my story \"Context\", and in several livejournal threads. :-) I firmly believe that in canon they are going to produce a Tea Cosy of Rassilon or equivalent when the Doctor reaches the end of number thirteen....