2007.05.07 - 09:41AM
3: Chapter 3

Yay, you updated!! Lovely chapter, love all the kissing and stuff. Please continue!!!!

Author's Response: Well i\'ve got end of year exams in three weeks, so chapters might just be a little stop and starty. plus i might come to the dredded writers block. DUN DUN DUUUN!!!

Zen Clarke
2007.05.06 - 11:45AM
2: Chapter 2

Ok, I've got it! When they go for relaxation, they always find trouble! So this time, they go looking for trouble, and find relaxation!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! I could so be on the Tardis...:D Or maybe not; not if I'm killed with flames like the


do with Martha...:D Update soon please!

Author's Response: Nope they just get relaxation this tym. And it gets really fluffy, sorry its the way its got to be.

Zen Clarke
2007.05.06 - 11:40AM
1: Chapter 1

“Give me a plastic spoon against a Dalek any time,” he muttered under his breath.

LOL! Anyway, I agree with Romanathethird. :D

Author's Response: What he hates Jackie.....

2007.05.06 - 11:36AM
2: Chapter 2

Love it!!! Please write more!!! Rose/ten shipper for life!!!! And have you noticed not a lot of people have been writing about Martha as much as they did Rose when she was new? I think that's telling us something.

Anyway, Love this story loadz so please continue!!!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, Ten/Rose shipper!!! Yeah! *looks a staring peoples faces* Er, sure... *hids in hole... Im proud to be a ten/rose shipper!!!

2007.05.06 - 10:31AM
2: Chapter 2

Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks.

2007.05.06 - 09:54AM
1: Chapter 1

Lol, this rocks!!!! Love the last few lines especially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE update soon!!

Author's Response: Last few lines???

2007.05.06 - 08:37AM
1: Chapter 1

Gorgeous first chapter!! Poor Rose, hope she and the Doctor sort it all out. Pleeaaase update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: Yup they will.

2007.05.06 - 08:03AM
1: Chapter 1


Author's Response: *sighs* why does everyone say its interesting?