Reviews For A Last Look Back

2008.04.27 - 04:37AM
1: Chapter 1

Awww lovely. I, too, loved Sarah Jane, both in the classic series and in School Reunion. I can't really see why the Doctor can't have an older companion travelling with him, though I can understand why Sarah would say no. Really nice job, worthy of both the characters. Thanks

Author's Response: You\'re welcome. Thanks for the review!

2008.03.26 - 09:53AM
1: Chapter 1

Such a moving story, thank you so much for writing this. I adore Sarah Jane. Of the classic series she is my absolute favorite companion. And I do think the Doctor has a special place in his heart for all his companions, especially Sarah.

I love the SJA. It's nice to see her moving on and getting into her own adventures. Though I am always hoping they will have a crossover at some point and the Doctor will pop up for a visit.

Since you wrote this lovely story...perhaps you might consider another at some point? *Hopeful look*

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your comments! I love the SJA too - it\'s excellent stuff and kids today are lucky to have it. I\'m actually in the process of writing two Ten/Sarah stories, but because of my work schedule and writing style it\'s going agonizingly slowly. But I appreciate the incentive to keep on, and I promise to complete and post them one of these days! In the meantime you might enjoy my story \'Port in a Storm\', an Eight/Sarah tale that is also loosely set during the SJA.

2007.11.06 - 12:37PM
1: Chapter 1

You definitely did her justice. I loved that she felt able to go on, now that she'd had her closure.

Author's Response: Thank you! The Sarah Jane we see in SJA seems very much to have left the bitterness of \'School Reunion\' behind her, so this fits neatly I think...

2007.05.06 - 01:25AM
1: Chapter 1

You have done a lovely job on this. Sarah Jane, as played by Elizabeth Sladen, was wonderful years ago, and in SR she absolutely shone. You quite did her justice in this lovely little reverie/character vignette!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the kind feedback - lovely to hear you think I did her justice.