2007.06.05 - 01:26AM
2: Introductions

EEEP. Missed the update again. Almost. Anyway here goes the review... Erm, it was brilliant, tense, exciting and even funny in places. I think you've done a really good job at persevering with your transcribing of this episode. I tried to write one as you may remember, but I'm stuck.... with only the first chapter written! You've been much more successful... well done! I can't wait for more. You say the update may take a while?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
*Just a tiny nitpick - really sorry I'm a very weird person* The title of the second episode in the two-parter isn't Satan's Pit, it's 'The Satan Pit'. See how small it was? I know that's my excuse every time...
[Love It] {------ the love it button! [Love It] {------ the love it button! See, I love it so much I gave it to you twice! Yay!

Author's Response: I\'ve had a little help with this... I found a really! cool website with all the new series transcripts! Found here...http://who-transcripts.atspace.com/index.htm How do you do it so it just says, \'found here\' with the link! >_< And I shall change the title... I think I wrote it when I was half asleep and never notice it since then... And I\'m working on the next chapter... well I\'m working on it tonight after school... seen as I should be able to escape the dad of doom!! *dramatic music* And woot the Love It button... times two!! ^_^ ^_^

2007.05.23 - 03:33PM
1: Arrival

Sophia doesn't like spaghetti!?

I love spaghetti... :P

Author's Response: Yeah... she doesn\'t like it... I dont know why? I love spaghetti too!!

2007.05.22 - 01:36PM
1: Arrival

Aaah, my favourite episodes ever. Aaah, Sophia is scared of spaghetti. Aaah, what a brilliant story. Aaaaaaahhhh.... Aah. Thanks for writing, and for letting me know you had written it in your review! If you hadn't, I would never have written this review! And that would have been tragic... *looks at your face* Maybe not.
Anyway, this was really good. I love Sophia miming the doors, LOL. I do like her. Her spaghetti phobia/allergy/fear/disgust makes it even funnier. Please continue, and make it as good as this! [Love It] {------- the love it button! *twiddles thumbs, whistling merry tune*

Author's Response: A lot of \'Aah\'s\'! So glad this has got its first review! Means I can work on the next chapter! Glad you like the whole idea of the miming of the doors. I though Sophia would do something so stupid! I mean she\'s only 13 in this story and this her proper adventure she\'s ever had! I have no idea about the spaghetti thing. I was eating it and thought, \'How about Sophia hates it?\' Thus the anti-spaghetti thing was born! I shall try to keep it this good! So more coming soon!!! :P And the Love It button!! Woot!!