Reviews For The separate paths

2007.10.05 - 04:08PM
16: Who is the narator?

Ooohhh. THAT makes sense...

Have to admit, I didn't think of that. I thought it was Sophia :) But, yeah, that does make sense...

I loved it (again!) A really nice way to conclude the story :D

Author's Response: Lol! Glad it does. :) And sadly it wasn\'t Sophia... which many people thought it was. It is a nice way to conclude a story! :D A story that leads off into the future of my stories...

2007.10.05 - 03:48PM
16: Who is the narator?

Yeah, I was wondering who the narrator was... and I thought I knew... but I was wrong. Oh well... despite my mistake it was a really sweet chapter, and (another) perfect ending to the story! Can't wait for the new series. Any news on when the first story will be posted? *is very desperate and pathetic*

Author's Response: Lol, it was going to be in the last chapter... but I forgot to add it! >.< But you know now! And you guessed wrong! XD I think everyone did... :P And it was sweet... I\'ve sent Mel to the dentist with it. XD And the new series... well I\'m planning to start writing the new story soon... and post it once I\'m done... or half way done. But I have started it! I swear... its just on paper... :P

2007.10.05 - 03:37PM
16: Who is the narator?


Do you know how cute that was?

Seriously, I have cavities now...

[Love It!]

Author's Response: Lol! It was meant to be cute... I mean Rose with the kids. Dunno where whe Doctor was though? :P Ah... you may need to go dentist now... XD

2007.09.20 - 01:00AM
15: A goodbye never means forever

Oh. My. God. Am I the only one who found that ending slightly chilling? It was all nice and warm, with Rose and Connor falling asleep, Sophia kissing the Doctor goodbye... and then Sophia, out of the blue, says those dreaded words! It gave me SUCH a shock - it was almost like my heart stopped for a fraction of a second!
I LOVE CONNOR! So cute! And I know everyone's now saying that, but I don't give a damn. And Black Wolf Junior... I was just looking through the reviews of this story, and found that I actually named him! I am so honoured!
So, this ending was fantastic beyond belief. Rose and the Doctor's wedding was beautifully written. I especially like the 'tongues twisting around each other' line, that's EXACTLY how kissing feels like! Well done! The chapter in all was: romantic, spine-tingling, bittersweet, shocking and revelatory. All in one. To round off this review, I shall give a massive [Love It] x Infinity. The Love It war has ended. Sorry. I win. Game over. :P This story didn't deserve anything less than infinity.
(And here's to Sophia living on, in the stories before this one, RANG's and my fics with her in, and... *that picture...* *raises invisible wine glass*)

Author's Response: Maybe... I found it kinda chilling. I only just reaslised while writing this I had forgotten a part... >.< So I have to write it and add it in again. oh well... It was nice and warm, but that soon went down to Sophia kissing and speaking something rather mysterious. All about Walavina shall be revealed soon... or one day. Connor is cute! Everyone seems to think so for a reason, you are right... I have no idea why? I mean he\'s small... very cheeky, and just plain cute! :P And you did name him... so you should feel honored! It just sooo suited him, and still does. Thank you about the wedding! I loved writing that, even though I have never been to one before and only having watched the soap ones, I think I did good!:) My smuffy writing must have improved as well... I had no help with the smuff! XD So yay! The smuff shall return! An infinity of love it buttons... O.o *begins to drown in them* Ah! I can\'t button-swim! *somehow mangaes to raise glass under all the buttons with a sign saying \'I had forgotten what you had meant by picture, but now I remember and she shall live on\'*

2007.09.19 - 04:27PM
15: A goodbye never means forever

I think I'll stay out of the love it war :) But, this was a fantastic ending! Couldn't have asked for a better one :)

[Loved it] x42

Rest in peace Sophia...

Author's Response: Lol... sadly deathman won it now... :( But oh well... :P Thanks about the ending. I really think it matches Sophia. :) *places hand on chest* rest in peace Sophia

2007.09.19 - 03:05PM
15: A goodbye never means forever

I didn't read this, but only because I got to read it whilst betaing it. (No, doy!). But that won't stop me from reviewing. ;D

What a fantastic, brilliant, gorgeous, cute... *checks thesaurus* wonderful, fantastic, cute, adorable, sweet... *runs out of adjectives* way of ending this fic! I love you! *huggles you* Don't worry, not in that sense... ;D

Connor is cute! *huggles him*

Sophia rocks! *huggles her*

The Doctor is hot! *huggles him*

Rose is... *thinks* *huggles her for the sake of it*

Did I mention I loved it?

[Love It!]x 100000000000000000000000000000000. :)

Author's Response: Lol I know. Which I love you for! *hugs back* Seems you used cute twice... but you have two people to say are cute!:) I agree Conor is cute... while he\'s small ;) Sophia does rock... even beyond the grave! The Doctor will never stop been hot! And Rose is cool cause she\'s got what she wanted. :) Same with the Doctor!:D Ah the love it button... now turned into a Love It war. I think someone is winning now... no idea who? Someone help me! O.o Ooo candel *follows candel to clear mind*

2007.08.20 - 05:14PM
14: Wish upon a shooting star

Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I missed your updates!!! But I'm back now :)
Yay, Rose is going to marry him! Woohoo! Now I just need to see how the Sophia story ends :)

Author's Response: *hugs firestorm* its alright! Yup Rose has said the magic words. And Sophia story is slowly coming to an end... :( Ah well... as one ends another begins! :)

2007.08.19 - 12:37PM
14: Wish upon a shooting star


*slaps self* I'm not hyper! Seriously! Okay, maybe I am a bit... I agree with deathman... quit with the snogging, even though I love it!!!

Again, Connor is so cute! *squeeeeee*

Author's Response: :D Smuff!! XD And sure you\'re not hyper... :P And the snogging shall stop! The mystery shall end soon! *hugs connor* Mine!XP

2007.08.19 - 12:33PM
14: Wish upon a shooting star

Well, smuff and smut are both well and good... but the mystery! *feels the little anger kitten stirring inside* come ON, people! Stop snogging and get on with it! Mind you, I do like a good snog... *is torn in two* Well no matter which way you see it, it was a fantastic chapter. Rose said yes! Rose said yes! But damn you Jack Harkness! You win this time! *feels envy kitten stirring* How many flipping kittens have I got inside me? Well, I don't know, but there's still room for another - the excited kitten! You're doing a thirteen-part series! Oh yeah, oh yeah! *dances around madly* I was feeling lonely already! I can't wait to read yours! And... to round this little bout of madness off: the Love It Kitten! [Love It] ~_~-----^_^-----*..* So many kittens, so little time!

Author's Response: Lol, trust me the mystery will be solved next chapter! No more kissing... I\'m gonna save that for a diffrent day! XD And it must hurt been torn in two? Rose did say yes! *dances* and poor you... Jack beat you to snogging Martha. *pats back* better luck next time. Oooh I didn\'t want to miss out on the thirteen-part series! I was going to start with one... but I lost the planning. But yes... a thirteen-part series! >:) Its all hopefully gonna go well... As I\'m starting them while I go away. I still need to think of more titles... >_< oh well. More shall be coming soon! And the love it kitten!! XD

2007.08.08 - 04:18AM
13: Time to face an important question

Smuff! Good one! 'Just what the Doctor ordered' - LOL! I can just imagine him saying that. Very good writing. And little Black Wolf Junior's got a new body! That was quite clever. There's still a mystery to solve if I'm not horrifically mistaken, so update soon. Hopefully with the answer to the Doctor's question! SQUEE! For the first time in what seems like ages - [Love It]{-------- the love it button! Have I got it right? I've a feeling I'm a bit out of practice...

Author's Response: Smuffy! X) I\'ve been in a smuff mood for a while now! :) Thank you about the writing! Its helping to add to my hyperness! You horrifically right! We do have the mystery to solve! X) So I shall have to update soon! It will be done as soon as i\'ve finsihed the thrid chapter to the SOM original ending! And the Love It button! Perfect!! *fainlly goes too hyper and uses it to write stories*

2007.08.07 - 03:37PM
13: Time to face an important question

And yes... it was good smuff! XD

2007.08.07 - 03:29PM
13: Time to face an important question

O.O !!! Now that is a cliffhanger! :P

Author's Response: Lol! So it is indeed! XD Oh well... find out in the next chapter!!

2007.08.07 - 03:24PM
13: Time to face an important question

Marriage? Marriage?!

Wasn't expecting that. First the pitter patter of tiny feet, now ringing wedding bells!

Author's Response: Lol! I can tell you never expected that! I\'m sure you\'re gonna have a head ache soon... feet and bells... gotta hurt ya head?

2007.07.02 - 07:29PM
12: A new family to love

Aww, that's really cute! I love it!

2007.07.02 - 11:19AM
12: A new family to love

Aww, that chapter was brilliant! The ending was pretty sad though. Shame it's nearly over, I liked this story :(