2009.09.19 - 02:34PM
5: Moving On...

Interesting, lots of nice twists and a lot of loose ends waiting to be tied up. Will there be more? Please?

Author's Response: Indeed there will :D I\'m working on it!! I did actually publish on here a sequel, but I wasn\'t satisfied. There will be more though. Thankyou very much for your comments!

2007.05.19 - 07:08AM
4: Chapter 4: A Swift Exit

Brillant ending..with the twist it was the Masters TARDIS. I hope you will write more.

Author's Response: Thanks! Check out the sequel \'Distress Signal\'. I\'m working on the final part of the trilogy now...It\'s going to be exciting!!

2007.05.19 - 07:06AM
3: Chapter 3: The Item

I guessed right....*does happy dance* good story so far.

2007.05.19 - 07:04AM
2: Chapter 2: Inside the Auction Hall

I hope I've guessed right what he wants to buy...no i'm not telling you just in case its wrong. ;-)

2007.05.19 - 07:02AM
1: Sleazy Town

Doesn't sound like it is a place he wants to linger in....

2007.04.28 - 08:28PM
4: Chapter 4: A Swift Exit

A mysterious enemy is always intriguing. Your chapters are on the short side, but they're good. Of course, if I enjoy a story then I usually think each chapter is too short (unless it's a drabble).

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'ll try to make them a bit longer in future :)

2007.04.28 - 08:24PM
3: Chapter 3: The Item

An interesting item for sale! I was trying to guess what it was, and that never occurred to me. But I like it!

2007.04.28 - 08:23PM
1: Sleazy Town

Aw, poor Seven, so lost without Ace. And he ended up in a bad place, too.

2007.04.27 - 12:13PM
2: Chapter 2: Inside the Auction Hall

Wonder what item the Doctor is going to bid towards. LOL chuckled when the Red head appeared and tried to become more friendly with him.

2007.04.26 - 06:33PM
1: Sleazy Town

Not a safe part of town even for the Doctor or so it appears. Wonder what he is sensing? The lady with the pierced tongue perhaps? Nice.